6 reasons to hire Thika Road escorts today!

If you are looking for fun and adult entertainment in Nairobi, Thika road escorts should be on top of your list. Nairobi nightlife is so much fun with a wide range of erotic sex girls on Koinange Street, K1 club, Florida club and now Thika Road. Roysambu, Githurai, Kahawa, and Kasarani is the new sex hub in Nairobi. The sprawling universities and colleges on Thika road, as well as recent development since Thika superhighway, has attracted a large number of high-class escorts who will leave you begging for more.

Here are 6 reasons you should hire Thika Road escorts

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STI detection tips for escort clients

STI detection tips for escort clients

Men are always picking women for sex in the bar and on the streets. Nowadays with the increased internet use, online escorts are receiving even more than 20 clients a week.  This number of sexual activity increases the HIV risk among the workers and their clients. In Kenya, the HIV prevalence rate among sex workers is over 30 per cent. STIs such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia and syphilis are also common among sex workers. These infections will rarely manifest signs and symptoms especially during the early stages, but STIs such as herpes, crabs, scabies and warts are easier to detect.

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Thika escorts will help you cum faster

Thika escorts will help you cum faster

Thika escorts know that great sex ends with intense orgasms!

Wet dreams end with teenage, but sexual fantasies continue for a lifetime. It is every man’s dream to satisfy himself and his partner in bed, but what happens on a rainy day? We know that you can get it up, but getting an orgasm is an experience you don’t want to miss.

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Business skills you can learn from Exotic escorts

Business skills you can learn from an escort

What it takes to succeed as a commercial sex worker

You may imagine that an escort is a lady who spends all her day or night in Sabina Joy, K1 club, Florida former Simmers, Koinange street, Majengo or any other backstreet club. But you are mistaken. Some are lawyers, writers, nurses, and business owners. They are not idlers waiting for easy money; they work hard for every single coin that goes into their pockets.

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How to get more and better sex from Thika escorts

How to get more and better sex from Thika escorts

Thika escorts understand the difference between having sex and having great sex. Most of the escorts know that men’s need number one is great sex, and are prepared to give you a great experience in bed. Most escorting services include sex, but this is a need you have to express in person.

Why sex with Thika escorts is better

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How to book an Escort

How to book an escort on Exotic Kenya

Within the age of the web, booking an escort is becoming simpler than ever before. You will discover every kind of escorts online, focusing on any fetish, and look the best way you want. Nevertheless, getting an escort, and a very good one at that, might be a dangerous and harmful enterprise. It’s worthwhile to know escort lingo, where to keep your cash, and how long to stay with her. Fortunately, it is extremely simple to get premium escorts out there, for nearly any value you’re prepared to pay.

  1. Find a respected escort listing website. These may have many escort adverts for you to search. You possibly can tell you’re on a very good website if the vast majority of the adverts there are posted month-to-month. Keep away from websites that post on a day to day basis or classified websites where the advertisements are free and/or deal with multiple products together with escorting. We recommend our website www.exotickenya.com as the place to be. 
  2. Seek for an impartial escort or an escort company. If business is good, you can expect some degree of consistency from the escorts. In case you find an agency that you like, you can make choice in accordance with your style. The drawback to this approach is that you may have to pay a bit extra for her worth.
  3. Minimize your search for the kind of escort that you really want. Some categories include; mature,  blond, busty, VIP, independent and so forth. You may also search by city, age, build, and/or height. Though that may include additional time to decide whether or not or not you desire a meet-up, date, or all-night affair.
  4. Determine a price range. Take into account that you get what you pay for. When you click on am escort profile, scroll down to view her price range. If she is not within your budget, then you definitely may not need to waste your time looking at her advert. Alternatively, you can try to negotiate with her to see if she can accept your offer. In case you find an escort that you like and is within your price range, ensure that there are no added charges or “suggestions” when you meet up.
  5. Be certain she is the lady in the photograph. Escorts who use false photographs won’t ever inform you that it isn’t actually them. Many women using false pics will blur out their faces. However, many stunning escorts using actual photographs may blur their faces for privacy reasons. Different clients will leave reviews about her and allow you to know if she is the lady in the photograph.
  6. Focus on her services and your needs. After selecting an escort, just remember to discuss what you both expect on your date. Make sure you discuss her services over the cell phone, and ensure you know the proper code-words for the services you need. Crude and graphic phrases may cause her to hang-up on you and ignore your calls. You might also be speaking to her supervisor in case she works for an agency, so take into account the lady you are talking to may not be the one who shows up.
  7. Determine the in-call location she is going to meet you. An affordable motel in a nasty neighbourhood might not be a good thought. Be certain the car parking zone can’t be seen from the road if you’re near your own home or workplace.
  8. Be cautious upon arrival. Once you arrive at an in-call location, look around to see if there is anything suspicious (a lot of folks strolling around, doing upkeep or clean-up, watching you). If you get a bizarre feeling, simply stroll away. Do not forget that most resorts do their housekeeping early in the day, and upkeep is never executed at night time. Be secure and sensible.
  9. Take your purse or wallet out and hide it in your automobile. Do that before you arrive at the location. You don’t want to be seen doing that. Only carry your cellular phone, money and keys. You probably have a spare pocket; use that one.
  10. Show your cash to the escort. Once you get inside her in-call location, ensure that you have the agreed upon money, and place it clearly on a nightstand or desk. This cash is just for her time and escorting services.
  11.   Freshen up, if requested. Some escorts might ask you to wash your hands and even take a bath. It’s unlikely that a regular or premium escort will run off with your cash, but if in doubt just ask her to shower with you. You can also take the money and other valuables with you to the bathroom.
  12. Leave immediately after the encounter. That is essential because you are paying for every hour you’re with her. You may also consider leaving together and grab her a taxi home.


  • Once you come to the in-call location, only carry the exact sum of money you need.
  • Use the name the escort displayed on the website. Don’t use phrases like “baby” or “love.”
  • Get to know the escort beforehand. You should have an opportunity to talk online or on phone.
  • Ask her the services she offers, and the cost.
  • Search the room.
  • If somebody does try to rob you, keep calm; most occasions they only need your cash so give it to them without arguing.

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Hello. Are you trying to find hot girls in Nairobi for fun or dates? You may have been disappointed by pavement princesses but if you tell us we’ll make it easier to find one.

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9 Sex Positions you should try today.

If you are looking for a mind-blowing, bed-rattling orgasm, try to keep it simple. Wild and crazy might sound pleasurable but the key is in keeping it simple.

“Trying to accomplish complicated acrobatics distracts you from the sex itself, putting your focus on how you can contort yourself, rather than on just experiencing the sensations,” advises Dorian Solot, sex educator and co-author of I (Heart) Female Orgasm. The simplest positions are known to give the most intense orgasms, and with a little creativity you can make them better. Below are 9 sex positions for a great orgasm:

Sex position #1: Modified Missionary Style

You’ll never see missionary position the same way again.

From the regular missionary position, place a pillow under your butt and lift your hips. Raise your legs toward your shoulders to create room for deeper penetration. This position also allows him to thrust better and easily stimulate your G-spot. However, this is considered a mere warm-up position.

Sex Positions Kenya

Once he has stroked your G-spot enough, revert to coital-alignment-technique (CAT) position.

“He’s on top, but he lifts his pelvic bone upward, aligning it with your clitoris,” says sex therapist Gloria Brame, PhD. “Then he rocks against the area until you peak.” “The legs-up position is a slow burn that brings you to the brink and increases sensitivity. Then the addition of clitoral rubbing takes you over the edge in a bigger way than if you had done CAT alone,” adds Brame.

Sex position # 2: Modified doggie-style

The doggie-style position has great benefits, but you’ll need to make some modifications in order to make it actually orgasmic. Lie on your stomach, but slightly lift your for him to make a penetration. He needs to be in a push-up position or lie on top of you as shown below:Sex Positions Exotic

As he thrusts, this position will allow for increased friction which leads to an orgasm. For an intense orgasm, take advantage of the facedown position and try stroking your clitoral area gently or grinding it against the bed.

Sex position #3: Legs over hips

The twisting and bending that goes on during sex makes it feel more like a cardio workout than a pleasure fest. That’s why one relaxed orgasm—inducing position is always welcome. Lie on your back and let him to lie on his side, turned toward you. Curl your legs over his hips and thighs, and let him gently thrust into you.

The Criss Cross sex position Exotic KenyaThis position allows you to enjoy sex for longer by putting the orgasm on hold. If you are taking longer to climax, try touching yourself or ask for his help in stimulating the clit.

Sex position #4: Girl-on-top

Girl-on-top allows you to control the pace and depth of thrusting while allowing him to stimulate your clitoris. You can run against his pelvic bone for faster orgasm. If you want to achieve an intense orgasm, try touching your G-spot or pull a 180.

Girl on top Sex Position


Twist around so you’re pointed toward his feet in reverse cowgirl position. Puting your legs together will make you tighter, giving more intense sensations and increased G-spot stimulation.

Sex Position #5: Tabletop sex

Sometimes, explosive orgasms happen outside the bedroom. You need a kitchen table as high as his waist. Lie down on the table with your butt near the edge, as he stands between your legs. You can rest your feet on his shoulders or on the edge of the table.


Let him hold on to your hips for leverage or stroke your body for more stimulation. This position also allows him to touch your clitoris, unobstructed.

Sex position #7: Face-to-face

lusty top sex position exotic kenya


This one’s always a favorite for lovers of slow and intimate sex. He sits and you straddle him, giving you control over the speed, angle, and motion. You can kiss, touch or use your arms and legs to maneuver. Avoid moving up and down, as this can be tiring for you. For better stimulation try swaying back or forth or rubbing your clitoral area against him for greater G-spot stimulation. This position also gives him the opportunity to access your breasts for a better sexual experience.

Sex position #8: C-Ring

There’s no configuration that’s more snuggly than the C-Ring. Lie on your side, with your guy gently thrusting against the front wall of your vagina from behind.The Spoon Sex Position

This position not only helps fulfil your cuddly needs but also provides consistent stimulation to your G-spot.


This post has been adapted from: Cosmopolitan.com

11 Sexual terms you need to know about

Listed here are 11 sexual phrases that you must learn about in case you plan on displaying off your sexual information, each within the bed room and out.

1- Bear claw

In case you‘ve had the pleasure of experiencing many ladies in your life, then you understand that every girl has a novel vagina. Nicely, a “bear claw” refers to a girl‘s unusually massive labia (vaginal lips).
The right way to use it in a sentence: Dude, I had intercourse with Julie for the primary time final night time and I observed that she had a bear claw happening. However it was all good.

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4 Things you should know about Escorts in Kenya

Escorts are completely different than prostitutes in so many ways. Escort services take new hires through a rigorous recruitment process, only listing attractive, warm women without visible drug problems. Men who visit escort directories tend to be far more discerning than your typical Tom, and are looking for actual escorting services such as dinner and drinks, in addition to sexual services.

Paid sexual services have gained prevalence in the 21st Century due to the hectic office life that people live today. The average employee spends most of their day in the office, leaving them no time to socialize. As a result, more men are paying for sex and dates. Though you might have a hard time getting one in five of your friends to admit that they’ve hired an escort, the sheer volume of sex services advertised on the internet says otherwise. With that in mind, here are four things you may not have known about escorts:

1- Escorts are rated on the internet
In this age of blogging, everybody has become an expert in some field, an analyst and opinion leader. In addition, clients often return to rate an escort based on how she conducted herself during a meetup.

On sites like exotickenya.com, customers offer ratings regarding the services of a particular escort and agencies as a public reference for others to browse. Of course, we cannot rule out the danger of online agencies or fellow escorts planting positive comments to falsely tout themselves. On the flip side, customers have been known to blackmail escorts with the threat of leaving bad ratings unless extra sexual services were offered.

2- Escorts go on tour
It may not invoke the type of glamour seen during a Led Zeppelin world tour, but in Africa and Europe the practice of “City Tours” for escorts has become a more prevalent phenomenon. In essence, escorts leave home to increase their income streams. It is possible to meet a Kenyan escort in Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria or Tanzania.

Clients from other continents also request escorts to go to their home countries.

3- Escorts can make a lot of money
Well, at least some escorts are able to. In North America, escorts have been known to make $150 – $400 per hour, depending on services offered. Escorts with particular sets of skills, abilities and great beauty can charge in excess of that. Finally, very high-class escorts, especially those catering to VIPs, can pull in around $1,000 per hour.

At the top of the pyramid, there is a very small group of elite escorts who service the multimillionaires, celebrities and pro athletes and their fees can make the finest corporate lawyers in the world green with envy. In 2007, New York magazine stated that one particularly well-regarded New York-based escort was making in excess of $2,000 per hour during her heyday. There are reports of some select escorts making even more than that.

4- Different countries have different terms
The legality and status of escort services vary from country o country. In Kenya street prostitution is illegal but there is no rule regarding online escort directories. That’s why you need to read the site’s terms of service and abide by them.

Examples of escort websites include Exotickenya.com, which indicates that a client can receive a “girlfriend experience” or GFE. GFE features a “warm” escort who will engage in girlfriend stuff such as open-mouthed kissing and cuddling.

Many governments have tried to impose harsh penalties on prostitutes in order to make prostitution illegal; however, just like gambling and drugs, such efforts have consistently failed due to continuous demand. Many modern men have trouble initiating a relationship, no time for a relationship or simply enjoy the sexual variety, and escorts have provided an outlet for such desires with a safer, cleaner and more attractive reputation than street prostitutes.

Men will always look out for better sex even if it means paying for it. The rise of escort websites has made these sexual fantasies a reality. These sites also provide variety, and an opportunity to discreetly preview escorts.


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