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Not Getting Calls From Escort Clients

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What You Should Do If You Are Not Getting Calls

It really feels disappointing when you are a verified and listed escort but no material calls are coming through and when you get some, they materialize into nothing substantial. Isn’t getting money your singular purpose of being listed on an escort directory like Exotic Kenya?

If this is you, then put your worries to rest since this article will guide you on how to make sure that your listing yields good returns. Exotic Kenya, Kenya’s premier escort directory endeavours to making sure that escort service providers get optimum opportunities from reliable escort services clients across Kenya.

Your ad profile is the launching pad to getting noticed by clients. A business opportunity gets one at the market place. Maximizing your add profile involves a number of crucial elements. The intersection between your ad profile and the escort clients is the Internet.

Take your time to read this article since the insight it contains will help you go over huddles that have been preventing you from getting important business calls. We also recommend that you read “How To Work Well As An Escort.” Our aim is to make sure that you get maximum satisfaction.


Solutions To  “I’m Not Getting Calls”

Since we care about our clients, we have seen it imperative to provide guidelines aimed at improving call frequency from escort services clients to escort services providers. So, apart from normal push notifications, or premium subscription plans, we have other as equally important approaches which help improve the amount and quality of calls an escort receives through an escort directory.

Exotic Kenya uses advanced consumer behaviour tools, which none of our competitors use. As such, we are able to study trends emanating from escort service clients. For instance, we are able to determine:

  • The type of escorts these clients like interacting with on a frequent basis;
  • The origin of these escort clients;
  • The clients preferences;
  • Which pages are the most visited; and much more.

All the above studies inform how and where we will place your ads.  The following will be undertaken to make sure that you receive more and important calls.

  • Placing your ad profile on the most searched topics or spaces. Most clients acquire services through searching more than direct page viewing. Your profile stands a higher and better chance of being viewed on high and incessant rotation than the one placed on a normal page.
  • We have also tweaked our system to list escorts in every category. Therefore, this means that your profile will appear on every page search. Your ad profile will appear everywhere on the site thus maximizing your chances of getting ridiculously a high volume of calls.
  • On push notifications, we tailor make your specific audience so that you get calls according to the type of clients you deem fit or worthy your time. This means we make clients to subscribe to push notifications carrying your ad, anytime you are in need of an escort client.
  • We have a large database of escort clients who have subscribed to our WhatsApp Broadcast Messages. Therefore we can share these messages carrying your links.
  • Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are also our main sources of traffic especially escort clients.  We can discreetly  place your ad there in order to a wider reach.

This therefore means that the number and quality of calls an escort gets depends on the type of subscription they have paid for. If you get yourself premium subscription plans, you will definitely be overwhelmed by the incoming calls.

Nevertheless, there is getting calls and there is getting quality clients. Repeat business is pegged on the first impression. Best reviews means every client will want to have a taste of you. You must make sure that your personality is exceptional and your service is outstanding. Endear yourself to the client through being smart, honest, polite, etc. Include any other attribute that attracts and retains a client.






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