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Busia is a busy cross-border town located between Kenya and Uganda border. Its the largest town in Busia County and business here is booming. Booze, women, and money freely flow here, and getting laid is no rocket science. Find executive premium Busia call girls on Exotic Kenya, escorts Sexy Busia Escorts, sex girls, in Busia border Kenya.

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Escorts from Busia

Situated some 430km from Nairobi along a highway that connects Kenya to central Africa, lies a busy town called Busia, the largest town and County headquarters of Busia County. 

Busia town is a cross-border trade center and the same town under the same name straddle between Kenya and Uganda. Business is booming here and the town is an important center for trade across the region, supporting a thriving market for farm produce and poultry products.  So Busy can Busia get that in a day it can witness an average of not less than 1000 vehicles crossing per day according to trademark East Africa.

With business booming, people of all walks of life are bound to get attracted to come to this town mostly to try their hand in one form of business or another. Truck drivers, Boda Bodas operators, and small traders make the largest working population of the town.

How to get to Busia

If you’re in Nairobi and planning to travel to Busia all you need to do is board any of the countless coaches such as Easy Coach, Guardian, Modern Coast, etc. heading to Kisumu City.

Once you get to Busia that is where it gets even interesting. Busia is best explored by a beautiful local companion to make your stay sweet and memorable.

Being a border town, facilities and amenities here are decent, and getting a clean place to dine and sleep is no hard task. Several hotels, bars, and restaurants offering accommodation strewn the busy town. one on one club and lounge is a popular entertainment spot frequented by locals and travelers alike. Drop by here and do some hunting and you are guaranteed to walk back to your hotel with a beautiful catch in hand.

Due to its proximity to Uganda, foodstuff and other consumer products are also cheap so the living standards are within the reach of many people. If an item is too expensive on the Kenyan side, one simply crosses the border to Uganda and buys the same item at a quarter the price. It’s no wonder then there’s a lot of ‘panyaroutes’ and a thriving black market in Busia.

Women are plenty too and come in different sizes and colors. Thick Luo babes,  curvy Luhya chicks, and dark ebony Ugandan lasses freely strut the streets of Busia offering sex and other erotic services.

As such something is always going down in Busia. There’s a huge number of sex workers who frequent the town in search of moneyed businessmen and truck drivers on their way to and from central Africa so getting laid here is no rocket science.

Caution: Make sure you guys get tested first before engaging in any badminton or wear a rubber since HIV and Aids are rife in Busia town.

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