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How To Get More Calls

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How To Get More Calls From Escort Services’ Clients

The essence of being listed as an escort is to get more calls from a wider range of escort services’ clients. In this article, we have prepared a list of approaches that help to boost the attractiveness of your ad profile so as to be able to receive more convertible calls.

Exotic Kenya, Kenya’s premier escort listing directory, prides itself on being the most reliable of any escort listing site in Kenya. This is because apart from listing escorts with their services, it also provides them with useful insights aimed at  maximizing  ad profiles for optimal profitability. In addition, it also invests heavily in up-to-date technological features to keep abreast with the the ever-dynamic searchers’ behaviours.



Do The Following In Order To Get More Calls On Exotic Kenya


  1. Subscribe To The Best Listing

For premium listing, there are various categories starting from the least privileged to the most privileged: ordinary premium, VIP, elite, and VVIP.  The category that ranks the highest accords more advanced features which enable more calls and higher conversions. The provision of escort services is like any other business and for one to get good returns, they must be prepared to burn their fingers.

2. Be Reachable Anytime of the Day

The reason there is a category for online escorts, is so that you are visible all round the clock. What this tells clients, is that you are available and ready for work. Make sure you are connected online and your phone is also on the grid. Have more than one reliable contact numbers so that incase one goes off, clients can still reach you through the alternative numbers.

As an escort, you cannot really predict what time of the day they will need your services. Well, you can to some extend predict the time of the month, but not all escort clients are salaried people. A sizeably important population consisting of people with daily streams of income  may call you anytime their bodies require sensual fulfillment.

3. Study the Clients’ Needs

Most escort services clients are men. An escort girl should be able to know what men really want in a Kenyan call girl.  If you are a call-boy, also discover what women really want. A man or woman looking for female escort services or escort boy services in Kenya requires more than just sex.  It is evident that a good number of these escort services clients are married men or married women and this means they have ordinary sex at their disposal.

Therefore, an escort girl must over and above to satisfy her client’s fantasies. Some of these clients are looking for sufficiently naughty bedroom acts. Are you able to offer unconventional sexual acts such as gokkun, rimming, fellatio, or hand job?

Furthermore, learn how to entice men or women. Not all men or women fall for extreme nudity, especially Africa more so here in Kenya. A little exposure attracts more curiosity than a full exposure of the body. Scarcity always drives the demand and the craving to the roof. Would you rather they masturbate and quench their thirst and in the end lose the urge to meet you or have them desire to meet with you?

4.  Look The Part

An escort is supposed to possess a certain allure. Get clad in the best of attires. You must be sufficiently sensual in dressing but don’t overdo. First impression counts. Arresting your client’s attention means getting ready to serve him. Apart from clothing, your physiognomy and other physical features also say a lot about your attitude or class for that matter. Wear a smiley face, do proper make-up,  keep your hair as kinky as possible, your nails clean, and much more.

When you meet up, you should also check your mannerism. Learn how to talk like a confident escort lady.  Even if money is your greatest motivation, don’t act needy. This will help you to bargain and make a kill out of the encounter. Concentrate on what you can provide to the client rather than what the client will offer you.

Also, invest in top-notch photography. Ensure that your photos minimize the bounce rate. The more attractive your photos, the longer the clients will stay on your profile and the higher the chance of getting a call.


Only on Exotic Kenya


5. Include Promo or Push Services

It is not enough to be listed, it needs more actions for you to be able to compete with other escort services providers. Promo and push are like product advertisements on social media and personalized channels. Let the money that you have paid for subscription bring you good returns.

6. Research About Escort Services

Always keep abreast with new sensual trends. Learn new sex styles as well as positions. Be that extra-ordinary call girl or escort boy who goes out of their way to be innovate. Normal is boring. Bing versatile makes your clients always want to come back to explore what’s new in the world of eroticism.

7. Frequently Update Your Profile

New always attracts additional untapped clients. Most clients especially men are visual beings. To break the monotony do regularly update your profile photos so that clients may assume it is a new person. You can also change your user name.

8. Exhibit Amiable Personality

Be humble, be soft, be kind, be respectful, etc. Talk nicely and respond well. Clients are not looking for lunatics but rather kinky or daring escorts who still will practice restraint when it comes to arguments or disagreements.

9. Be Daring

If you are an escort you must be kinky and adventurous. Most clients look for audacious escorts who can provide extraordinary  erotic services. When you play shy, clients will mostly pass over to someone else who is kinky.

In a nutshell, the efforts you put in are going to in the long run or immediate future dictate the number and quality of calls you will receive as an escort.




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