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Kenya LGBTQ Hookups

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Kenyan Supreme Court Allows Association of LGBTQ Members

With the recent decriminalization of LGBTQ activities by the Supreme Court of Kenya, the freedom to associate and hook up has been granted. Members of the LGBTQ in Kenya can now hook up without condemnation or prosecution.

Find Your Gay/Lesbian Companions In Kenya Today

The first place to rush to when in search of your gay or lesbian hookup, is Exotic Kenya.  Find incall or outcall gay/lesbian partner online now from the comfort of your living room. Apart from hookup directories, there are also random gay hookups which happen in many locations across Kenya.

Kenya Gay/Lesbian Hookup Locations

Major gay/lesbian hookup locations in Kenya are in the urban areas where people are tolerant to the LGBTQ phenomenon. The leading locations are Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Malindi, Eldoret, among other major urban centers in Kenya. Take a seat and discover where you will easily spot your kudinyana mkundu and na kuingizana vidole partner.

Nairobi Gay/Lesbian Hookup Locations

Some of the spots around Nairobi popular with gay and lesbian people are Clubs.  Such Clubs include The Pavement, Gipsy Bar, Spiders Pub, Little Temple, Club LA, Twerkers Club, etc.

Mombasa Gay/Lesbians Hookup Joints

Most gay/lesbian hangout joints in Mombasa just as is the case with other locations, are clubs and pubs. Check out gay and lesbians at Club Hypnotica, Tembo Disco, Tamarind Dhow, among others.

Eldoret Gay-Lesbian Hangouts


If you are a member of LGBTQ and to find a place that is more welcoming, you perhaps need to discover gay club in Eldoret or gay bars in Eldoret. Your discovery will make your  gay cruise in Eldoret much fascinating.

Gay nightlife in Eldoret, happens mostly in clubs such as  Eclipse Lounge, Two C Club, Belasco Lounge, etc.




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