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How To Get More Calls

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How To Get More Calls From Escort Services’ Clients

The essence of being listed as an escort is to get more calls from a wider range of escort services’ clients. In this article, we have prepared a list of approaches that help to boost the attractiveness of your ad profile so as to be able to receive more convertible calls.

Exotic Kenya, Kenya’s premier escort listing directory, prides itself on being the most reliable of any escort listing site in Kenya. This is because apart from listing escorts with their services, it also provides them with useful insights aimed at  maximizing  ad profiles for optimal profitability. In addition, it also invests heavily in up-to-date technological features to keep abreast with the the ever-dynamic searchers’ behaviours.



Do The Following In Order To Get More Calls On Exotic Kenya


  1. Subscribe To The Best Listing

For premium listing, there are various categories starting from the least privileged to the most privileged: ordinary premium, VIP, elite, and VVIP.  The category that ranks the highest accords more advanced features which enable more calls and higher conversions. The provision of escort services is like any other business and for one to get good returns, they must be prepared to burn their fingers.

2. Be Reachable Anytime of the Day

The reason there is a category for online escorts, is so that you are visible all round the clock. What this tells clients, is that you are available and ready for work. Make sure you are connected online and your phone is also on the grid. Have more than one reliable contact numbers so that incase one goes off, clients can still reach you through the alternative numbers.

As an escort, you cannot really predict what time of the day they will need your services. Well, you can to some extend predict the time of the month, but not all escort clients are salaried people. A sizeably important population consisting of people with daily streams of income  may call you anytime their bodies require sensual fulfillment.

3. Study the Clients’ Needs

Most escort services clients are men. An escort girl should be able to know what men really want in a Kenyan call girl.  If you are a call-boy, also discover what women really want. A man or woman looking for female escort services or escort boy services in Kenya requires more than just sex.  It is evident that a good number of these escort services clients are married men or married women and this means they have ordinary sex at their disposal.

Therefore, an escort girl must over and above to satisfy her client’s fantasies. Some of these clients are looking for sufficiently naughty bedroom acts. Are you able to offer unconventional sexual acts such as gokkun, rimming, fellatio, or hand job?

Furthermore, learn how to entice men or women. Not all men or women fall for extreme nudity, especially Africa more so here in Kenya. A little exposure attracts more curiosity than a full exposure of the body. Scarcity always drives the demand and the craving to the roof. Would you rather they masturbate and quench their thirst and in the end lose the urge to meet you or have them desire to meet with you?

4.  Look The Part

An escort is supposed to possess a certain allure. Get clad in the best of attires. You must be sufficiently sensual in dressing but don’t overdo. First impression counts. Arresting your client’s attention means getting ready to serve him. Apart from clothing, your physiognomy and other physical features also say a lot about your attitude or class for that matter. Wear a smiley face, do proper make-up,  keep your hair as kinky as possible, your nails clean, and much more.

When you meet up, you should also check your mannerism. Learn how to talk like a confident escort lady.  Even if money is your greatest motivation, don’t act needy. This will help you to bargain and make a kill out of the encounter. Concentrate on what you can provide to the client rather than what the client will offer you.

Also, invest in top-notch photography. Ensure that your photos minimize the bounce rate. The more attractive your photos, the longer the clients will stay on your profile and the higher the chance of getting a call.


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5. Include Promo or Push Services

It is not enough to be listed, it needs more actions for you to be able to compete with other escort services providers. Promo and push are like product advertisements on social media and personalized channels. Let the money that you have paid for subscription bring you good returns.

6. Research About Escort Services

Always keep abreast with new sensual trends. Learn new sex styles as well as positions. Be that extra-ordinary call girl or escort boy who goes out of their way to be innovate. Normal is boring. Bing versatile makes your clients always want to come back to explore what’s new in the world of eroticism.

7. Frequently Update Your Profile

New always attracts additional untapped clients. Most clients especially men are visual beings. To break the monotony do regularly update your profile photos so that clients may assume it is a new person. You can also change your user name.

8. Exhibit Amiable Personality

Be humble, be soft, be kind, be respectful, etc. Talk nicely and respond well. Clients are not looking for lunatics but rather kinky or daring escorts who still will practice restraint when it comes to arguments or disagreements.

9. Be Daring

If you are an escort you must be kinky and adventurous. Most clients look for audacious escorts who can provide extraordinary  erotic services. When you play shy, clients will mostly pass over to someone else who is kinky.

In a nutshell, the efforts you put in are going to in the long run or immediate future dictate the number and quality of calls you will receive as an escort.




Not Getting Calls From Escort Clients

Only on Exotic Kenya

What You Should Do If You Are Not Getting Calls

It really feels disappointing when you are a verified and listed escort but no material calls are coming through and when you get some, they materialize into nothing substantial. Isn’t getting money your singular purpose of being listed on an escort directory like Exotic Kenya?

If this is you, then put your worries to rest since this article will guide you on how to make sure that your listing yields good returns. Exotic Kenya, Kenya’s premier escort directory endeavours to making sure that escort service providers get optimum opportunities from reliable escort services clients across Kenya.

Your ad profile is the launching pad to getting noticed by clients. A business opportunity gets one at the market place. Maximizing your add profile involves a number of crucial elements. The intersection between your ad profile and the escort clients is the Internet.

Take your time to read this article since the insight it contains will help you go over huddles that have been preventing you from getting important business calls. We also recommend that you read “How To Work Well As An Escort.” Our aim is to make sure that you get maximum satisfaction.


Solutions To  “I’m Not Getting Calls”

Since we care about our clients, we have seen it imperative to provide guidelines aimed at improving call frequency from escort services clients to escort services providers. So, apart from normal push notifications, or premium subscription plans, we have other as equally important approaches which help improve the amount and quality of calls an escort receives through an escort directory.

Exotic Kenya uses advanced consumer behaviour tools, which none of our competitors use. As such, we are able to study trends emanating from escort service clients. For instance, we are able to determine:

  • The type of escorts these clients like interacting with on a frequent basis;
  • The origin of these escort clients;
  • The clients preferences;
  • Which pages are the most visited; and much more.

All the above studies inform how and where we will place your ads.  The following will be undertaken to make sure that you receive more and important calls.

  • Placing your ad profile on the most searched topics or spaces. Most clients acquire services through searching more than direct page viewing. Your profile stands a higher and better chance of being viewed on high and incessant rotation than the one placed on a normal page.
  • We have also tweaked our system to list escorts in every category. Therefore, this means that your profile will appear on every page search. Your ad profile will appear everywhere on the site thus maximizing your chances of getting ridiculously a high volume of calls.
  • On push notifications, we tailor make your specific audience so that you get calls according to the type of clients you deem fit or worthy your time. This means we make clients to subscribe to push notifications carrying your ad, anytime you are in need of an escort client.
  • We have a large database of escort clients who have subscribed to our WhatsApp Broadcast Messages. Therefore we can share these messages carrying your links.
  • Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are also our main sources of traffic especially escort clients.  We can discreetly  place your ad there in order to a wider reach.

This therefore means that the number and quality of calls an escort gets depends on the type of subscription they have paid for. If you get yourself premium subscription plans, you will definitely be overwhelmed by the incoming calls.

Nevertheless, there is getting calls and there is getting quality clients. Repeat business is pegged on the first impression. Best reviews means every client will want to have a taste of you. You must make sure that your personality is exceptional and your service is outstanding. Endear yourself to the client through being smart, honest, polite, etc. Include any other attribute that attracts and retains a client.






How To Create An Attractive and Engaging Dating Profile

How To Create An Attractive and Engaging Dating Profile

The utopian feeling that an internet searcher looking for a dating companion experiences, is evoked by a profile. A dating profile must act as a magnet. It must be able to stimulate fantasy and the desire to indulge in an erotic act. Whether one is looking for a sex-dating companion, long term partner or escort, the goal remains to go out with the most attractive partner.

There is not much difference between a free online dating site and an escort listing directory. The essence here is dating, which is interacting with a companion where the main aim is to have some sensual experience. Even though the principle feature on a dating site is intimacy, the actualization of fantasy bears the same feeling as that achieved in the encounter between a client an escort.

Competition is rife and one can only emerge tops by being catchy to the eye of the beholder. Internet searchers are visual and physical. Aspects of emotions are offshoot effects of interactions after the first impression. No one has time to give the benefit of the doubt. You either are a hit or a miss. You see, no one wants to feel like they are favouring the other by accepting them the way they are. It is not a charity or religious event, it is a dating game.

Consider the following to create an attractive and engaging dating profile:

  1. Wear appealing clothes. Make sure you wear the fancy clothes for profile pics. Know your body size and shape and accord it the fashion it deserves. For instance, a BBW can do well with a maxi dress. A slightly slim lady can rock a miniskirt, and so forth.
  2. Don’t look too serious. Much as you are seriously looking for a date, a playful appearance makes you much more approachable than the person wearing a stern face. Put on a smiling face, but do not overdo it so that you are not taken for a joker.
  3. Use a professional photographer for quality photos. The lighting should bring out your real appearance. The surrounding should be impressive.
  4. Your taglines should inspire positive vibes. Write intelligent catchphrases which will make an internet user want to meet you for more interaction.
  5. State your interest. Show searchers the reason why you are looking for a date online-is it for sex dating, long term relationship or friends with benefits?
  6. Enable premium features such as video call. Such features on some dating sites enable one seem more reachable, because you can be communicated to through more than one feature. Some people prefer voice communication so as to be able to read cues and clues.
  7. Write an introductory tag that summarizes who you are and who you are looking for. Show you you are bringing to the table.
  8.  Update your profile with lifestyle shots. This will help tell your daily stories without writing anything. You can use videos and pics.
  9.  Don’t put your cell contacts if you are looking for a long term partner. Only give out your contacts upon request. For escort services however, this is recommended since you want to be reachable even when you are offline.

Types of Services Offered By Exotic Kenya Escorts

Types of Services Offered By Exotic Kenya Escorts

Exotic Kenya offers a wide array of escort services. Sensual services in Kenya range from simple eroticisms to extreme ones such as BDSM as well as fetishes. There are basic, premium,  and VIP charges for each category of escort services.

Below is a list of escort services offered by escorts in Kenya:

  1. Erotic Massage

Erotic massage, which goes by other names like nude massage, sensual massage, or touch massage, involves touch techniques on or around erogenous organs with the intention of evoking explicit and deep sensual or sexual pleasure.

Though the main objective is to erotically stimulate the recipient’s body nerves culminating into some sort of ecstasy, it sometimes transcends this to involve emotional attunement. At this level it qualifies for a sex massage, tantric massage or happy ending massage, where body rubbing and eventually sex, are involved to be able to contain the arousal or simply actualize the fantasy.

According to massage experts, erotic massage has a number of benefits including dispersing erotic energy throughout the whole body, which prepares erogenous nerves to waves of pleasure and profound dimensions of sexual ecstasy. It also helps streamline body muscles and nerves, which may otherwise cause fatigue, boredom, and dismal erotic stimulation.

2. Lapdance

If you have been dreaming of entertainment in the form of dirty sensual dance, then you can actualize your fantasies with Ugandan escort. This dirty dance helps to build up curiosity through a miasma of body teasing.


Girlfriend Experience or Boyfriend Experience is an escort service whereby a client hires a girl or a boy to play the role of a girlfriend or boyfriend. You can also call this type of escort girlfriend or boyfriend for hire. This is normally suitable for someone looking for a temporary companion for events such as weddings, parties, travels, etc.

4. Sex

Sex or coitus is offered upon request and agreement. If the escort refuses to engage in sex with a client who paid only for body massage, that is well in order. Forcing an escort to engage in sex will be deemed rape. There are many types of sex offered by escorts on Exotic Kenya:

  • Oral sex- this involves kissing, fellatio, etc.
  • Vaginal/penile sex- this involves the act of penetrating the vaginal with a finger or penis as well as through hand job.
  • Cunnilingus-this involves licking of the vagina and its clitoris with a tongue.

5. Fetishes

These are services which involve unconventional erotic acts. Examples include:

  • Gokkun- it involves swallowing sperms or ejaculates.
  • Golden shower- it involves being urinated, ejaculated or squirtted on.
  • Podophilia- this is also known as foot fetishism or foot partialism and it involves acts of foot licking, or penetrating an erogenous part like vagina with a foot or part of it.

6. Loyal company

You can hire an escort for loyal undivided attention. There are escorts in Kenya who are excellent at giving companionship. Suitable for travelling, when someone is bereft and is feeling lonesome. You will get someone to help you forget misery.

7. Video chats

These are chats which involve video calling while chatting sensually. Most escorts who offer these are excellent stripteasers. You will enjoy thrilling nudes.



Exotic Kenya Client Conduct and Etiquette Guidelines

Exotic Kenya Client Conduct and Etiquette Guidelines

Do you want to have quality experience with an escort in Kenya? Well quality experience with a service or its provider starts  first with your conduct. The way you interact with an escort determines a great deal about how you will enjoy it.

The customer is always right slogan doesn’t mean the seller is always wrong. Let’s look at it from a humanistic perspective. The escort service is not an isolated identity in itself. It is not like a software or something intangible being offered by a human being, but it is actually the being herself or himself full of emotional attunement. What one needs to know is that the escort is so many things in one-service, good, customer care agent, and much more.

An escort is a human being who uses their erogenous organs to dispense whatever type of  escort or sensual service a client needs. Whether you are looking for erotic massage services, loyal companionship, sex, fellatio, cunnilingus, rimming, gokkun, etc., the tools of trade are not some abstract things, inanimate objects, but real physical body parts like lips, tongue, vagina, penis, fingers, hands, breasts, nipples, and much more.

Remember this is not slave trade. This is an interactive moment between two adult individuals, one seeking sensual fulfillment and the other making sure that the sensual services ordered and offered are serving the purpose. Therefore, as a client, conducting yourself in a manner that cultivates a positive atmosphere, is critical.

Considering that most clients receive escort services from people of the opposite gender, it is always essential to consider behaviour that will evoke positive emotions. This is not to say that even those receiving from same gender escorts shouldn’t consider the same.

Let’s look at how one should conduct themselves when with a Kenyan escort:

  1. Be polite

It doesn’t matter how low an escort is below your living standards. So long as that is the person you chose to serve you, politeness is a recipe for a good experience.

2. Be respectful

Respect the escort’s body. Don’t trespass. If it is a body massage that you paid for, do not force yourself on her body and, for instance, insist on having sex. You can ask for permission to touch if it so kills you.

3. Practice restraint

Focus on what you requested. Don’t get into other conversations such as marital status, why he or she decided to become an escort unless the escort is comfortable about such topics.

4. Be clean

It doesn’t matter how much you have paid, for whatever category of escort service, being smelly will cripple the escorts willingness to entertain you. Brush your teeth, wear cologne, etc.

5. Use words of affirmation

Appreciate the escort’s beauty, dress code, perfume, and much more. Tell them that they are the person you have been looking for. Simple things like these will make the escort offer much more than you bargained for.

6. Exercise confidentiality

Do not take selfies while enjoying sensual services. Be discreet so that the escort doesn’t feel insecure. This will also play well in future. Remember being to open may be used to blackmail you in future.






How To Work Well As An Escort

How To Work Well As An Escort in Kenya

Are you in the escort service industry and have been facing challenges in terms of offering services to clients? This information is important to you. Escort service business is quite challenging and if an escort has not put the most essential aspects in order,  he or she will end up being frustrated.

Many people offering escort services think that all it takes is to get listed, and voilà, everything is set. Until and unless the individual intending to become an escort puts certain things in perspective, frustration galore will be at their disposal.

Escort services have, in the course of the years become more and more professional. This means that the person who intends to become an escort must strategies as if they are setting up a business. The competition among escort service providers is becoming more and more stiff, perhaps due to the realization that this particular service is on high demand.

How To Work Well As An Escort in Kenya

As you have realized, most businesses across the globe are endeavoring to have an online presence thereby making sure that their online visibility is seamless. The reason for this paradigm shift in the way of reaching potential customers/clients is courtesy of the fact that more and more people are getting hitched to acquiring goods and services via e-commerce platforms.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter the service or goods you are offering, if you don’t have an online medium through which you can reach your potential customers you will be doomed. Traditional marketing channels are becoming obsolete. Now, there is reaching clients through online channels, and then there is reaching the right clients online. So, if you want to emerge tops among your competitors, you must make sure you focus on the proper product information, right price, convenient location, appropriate packaging, and so on and so forth.

Now, you know where this is heading to. Imagine you are a business in yourself and ask whether you have been doing the right thing as an escort service provider. If not, what is it that you have been doing wrongly? And if you have not yet started but you are considering being an escort, what is it that you are supposed to do in order to be an exceptional escort in KenyaRaha?

Check: Utawala Escorts | NairobiSweet | Nairobi Escorts | NairobiRaha | NairobiHot

Here is how you can work well as an escort in Kenya

    1. Make Sure You Have Attained The Kenyan Age of Majority

An underage escort provider is like a fake product or service. You will not enjoy your work and you will not last long on the market due to having run-ins with the authority. You may even at worse jeopardize the existence of the escort listing directory. Look at the Exotic Kenya frequently asked questions and get to understand this requirement.

    2. Choose The Best Escort Listing Directory

If you want to have a much wider reach than your competitors, you must choose the best escort site or escort directory in KenyaRaha. Among the best escort directories in Kenya include Exotic Kenya, ExoticNairobi , and the rest follow from behind. You want  to be on a website with exceptional online visibility and good client traffic.

     3. Have Passion As An Escort

Offering of escort services is becoming one of the highly paying liberal occupations.  Escort services, as you have already read in the preceding paragraphs, are being sought so massively that they are almost falling in the same category as basic needs. A passionate provider of an escort services is a darling to the majority of clients. You will have many repeat clients if your offers are exceptional.

      4. Be Ready To Learn

No one is perfect. When you fail in your first attempts, don’t give up. You can, for example: seek advice from the directory administrator on how to best work as an escort. Listen to the clients’ suggestions on how well you can have them enjoy your services. Be teachable at all times so that you enjoy future engagements with your clients.

      5. Be Empathetic

Make sure you put yourself in the shoes of the client as well as in those of the sales admin. You need both the directory and the clients. Act in the best manner possible. Be honest/truthful/trustworthy, polite, fair, etc.

  • Don’t lie to a client about your ability or services on offer. If you are unable to offer for instance BDSM, don’t put it among your offers
  • Don’t be rude by hauling nasty words at the clients when a disagreement arises. Always act politely and try to resolve your differences amicably
  • Be fair at all times. Don’t overcharge just because you need money to achieve your goals. Let the client get value for their money
  • Listen to the clients’ requests and understand their needs. You can tailor make if possible to suit their preferences
  • Pay your escort directory fee early enough to avoid inconveniences
  • Be respectful to both the client and your escort directory admin
  • Be punctual and if you are running late, send early apologies
  • Don’t blackmail the client or the sales admin so that you have your way

     6. Groom Yourself In The Best Way Possible

An escort is like a model or vixen. You must make sure you look the part. A client must be able to separate you from an ordinary lady or gentleman. In other words, look exceptionally attractive. For example:

  • Take good care of your hair, your nails, your eyebrows, eye lashes, beards, teeth, toes, skin, or body as a whole
  • Wear trendy or fashionable attire. Dress the way you want to be addressed
  • Do physical exercises so as to always stay energetic and youthful. It doesn’t matter whether you are slim, short, lanky, or heavy. There is always a preference for whichever body size
  • Speak or talk like a professional. Learn to use proper terms when in contact with a client. Don’t be a loose canon
  • Have great posture as well as an alluring gait. A bad posture will provoke doubts from a client
  • Have good table manners when having a drink or a meal. Don’t sneeze in the air or spit around you. Always have a handkerchief and excuse yourself when reflexes seize you
  • Take frequent baths and smell well

     7. Invest In Exceptional Photography or Videography

Purchase a phone/tablet with a great camera for your profile pics or video streams. When you want to upload a photo or a video to your profile, ensure proper lighting in the location you are doing it from. Statistics show that beautiful photos make a good and lasting first impression.

Even if you don’t have a proper gadget for great photos or videos, you can always hire a professional photographer or videographer. Remember you are the business yourself. You must catch your client’s eye.

     8. Be Confident

Make sure that you exude confidence albeit in the right measure. Show your client that you are up to the task. High confidence in oneself normally subdues the client. You will only charge premium rates when you display mastery and knowledge of what the service entails.

      9. Prioritize On Safety Precautions

Always do due diligence to avoid falling victim to cyber criminals. Do background checks if possible. In the case where you are not sure about your safety, insist on meeting at a neutral and safe location.

Exotic Kenya Frequently Asked Questions

Exotic Kenya Frequently Asked Questions

Exotic Kenya is a premier escort directory that lists individuals offering escort services in Kenya. The demand for escorts services is becoming more and more high. Perhaps you are somewhere in Kenya and have been wondering how you can join and dispense your services.

Do not worry at all because we are going to give answers to all or any of your pertinent questions.  Find below answers to the FAQs about joining Exotic Kenya.

What age do I need to be in order to join Exotic Kenya?

One must have attained the age of majority as stipulated in the Kenyan constitution, which 18 years.

What if indeed I have biologically attained it but do not have papers to show it?

Unfortunately, this is a direct disqualification since age can only be proven through documents. You must have an original Identification Card. Your birth certificate showing the date of birth cannot be used to prove validity of having attained the age of majority.

What if I live and operate in Kenya but am a citizen of another country, am I still allowed to join Exotic Kenya?

Yes, so long as  you have valid permit to carry out any type of work in Kenya. Before joining, you must avail a  documented permit issued by the Immigration Department of Kenya. You must also prove that indeed you have attained the age of majority as required by the Kenyan authorities.

Must I be experienced in escort services before joining Exotic Kenya?

As you know, there is always a starting point for any kind of experience and expertise. Exotic Kenya carries out a non-discriminatory inclusion of all those who want to join it.  What an individual requires are interpersonal skills because escort services are a type of leisure services which demand a customer oriented person.

What privacy measures has Exotic Kenya put in place?

Exotic Kenya has put in place measures which ensure that utmost privacy is maintained. Exotic Kenya admin is always at the escorts disposal to guide them in matters personal and Internet privacy. Exotic Kenya will make sure that you remain as discreet as you want to be.

Is there sexual orientation discrimination?

Exotic Kenya does not discriminate against any sexual orientation. As you may be aware, the Kenyan Supreme Court passed into law the freedom of association of members LBGTQ. So if you want to dispense your escort services to the members of this group, you are welcome.

Is Exotic Kenya a pimping agency?

Not at all. Pimping is illegal in Kenya as it is classified as prostitution by the Kenyan constitution. Exotic Kenya is only an online directory that lists adult individuals of sound mind who offer escort services. Whatever an individual engages in is not the business of Exotic Kenya.

Is it a must for the interested individual to have a car before joining Exotic Kenya?

It is not a must at all.  There are so many means of mobility in Kenya. It depends on the client’s urgency and location. You can opt for Uber, PSVs, motor cycle, airplane, boat, or train.

Does Exotic Kenya set prices for escort services?

The price to be charged for every  escort service is at the discretion of the individual escort, of course with the agreement of the client looking for such services. The only discretion that Exotic Kenya has is about the prices each individual escort pays to be on the escort directory.






Exotic Kenya Twitter

Join Exotic Kenya Twitter For Thrilling Eroticism

Twitter is one of those platforms in Kenya, where members of the public like sharing fascinating erotic stories, dating stories, sensual pics, erotic videos, celebrity gossip, political trends, etc., with hastags. Find and enjoy captivating twitter porn xxx videos, celebrity leaked nudes, and much more.




Celebrity News In Kenya

Get Fresh & Hot Celebrities News From Exotic Kenya

It doesn’t really matter what their level of success is, important is, what is hot and fresh about them. We dig for fascinating content worthy of your curiosity on any celebrity on Kenyan soil and overseas. Read detailed news about your favourite socialite, musician, sportsman or woman, politician, DJ, entrepreneur, actors & actresses, TV personalities, comedians, and many more.

Get updated on their latest moves including their expensive acquisitions, BDSM toys they use, new roles on TV, new releases, relationship breakups, cheating partners, love triangle, leaked nudes/videos, marriage, engagement, new babies, new boyfriends/girlfriends, net worth, fashion, sexual orientation, relocation, scandals, musical collaborations, journey to riches, grace to grass story, loss of their loved ones, closet malfunctions, pets, and much more.




Hookers In Kenya

Spot Hookers In Kenya

Only on Exotic Kenya    Only on Exotic Kenya



In Kenya hookers go by various English names in such as sex ladies, sex workers, ladies of the night, hoes, whores, hoes, rent men, gigolos, etc. In Swahili, they are normally referred to using several names like malaya, changudoa, danguro, wauza ngono, among other names. The Kenyan street lingo, has also coined names for them which include kuro(makuro plural form), danguch, or mapoko.

Differentiating Between An Ordinary Person From A Hooker

Unlike in the past, nowadays one cannot easily distinguish between an ordinary person walking in the street running their own errands and the street hooker who is looking for a customer to sell sexual services to. The modern hooker or sex worker dresses modestly or in a manner that she or he can easily pass for a company executive. This is not to say that some hookers don’t have daytime jobs. In fact, you will be surprised to find out that your quiet workmate offers sexual services on the sides to supplement her monthly income.

So just to be sure that person near you is a hoe, you need to check out several characteristics. First, they are not afraid of strangers. They are ready to mingle and interact with a stranger with ease. They are easily approachable and throw their caution to the wind. What they are looking for is a customer for their merchandise. Second, they stare at particular parts of the client to be. They will at what you are wearing just to be able to assess your financial worth. Their eyes will stare at your shoes, wrist watch, your coat or cape, etc.

Third, their carry a seductive stare. They ogle at you in a manner to arouse your feelings so that you can hit on them. They are fidgety. They lick their lips, touch themselves inappropriately on their groins, boobs, butts, etc. They may wiggle their waists, or do random bend overs. This is a strong, inviting gesture.

Four, they will offer to give or keep you company and when you agree they suggest it comes at a cost. They will ask something like, “If I give you company, how will I benefit?” In short they are covertly telling you that they are actually hawking their companionship in return for money.

Hookers Locations In Kenya

Hookers in Kenya are known for favouring certain spots or joints frequented by patrons. Most of these joints include areas near nightclubs, restaurants, banks, malls, game parks, fun parks, stadia, etc.

Hookers Joints In Nairobi City

Most joints associated with hookers in Nairobi City are located within the CBD, and its environs where there are plenty of nightclubs, residential apartments, shopping arcades & boutiques, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, casinos, brothels, just to name but a few. Among the famous locations are located along Kimathi Street, Koinange Street, Moi Avenue, Tom Mboya Street, Biashara Street, Waiyaki Way, and even in estates within the city or beyond.

Hookers Spots In Mombasa


Only on Exotic Kenya

Mombasa is known to be a fun city where partying goes round every single day all year round. No wonder it is referred to as Mombasa Raha. Most local women are known to be laid back but somewhat candid. Majority being Muslim, they cover their faces with hijab and paint their palms and foot soles with hena usually written in Arabic.

So identify an ordinary coastal woman from a hooker, you need to study their gait. The non-hookers are reserved while hookers though covered in hijab, will definitely stare  and wink at their targets while doing some erotic gestures like stealthily shaking their endowed hinds.

They like wearing Deras without underpants so that the loose dress can magnify their shapely and wiggly asses and attract a potential client. You will easily spot these Mombasa hookers along the beach, in nightclubs/pubs, restaurants/hotels, bus termini, ferry termini, Mombasa city streets, and in other small towns within Mombasa county.

Kisumu Hookers Spots

The first place you should rush to if you are looking for casual and naughty quickie with a kuro in Kisumu is online. That is Exotic Kenya. Most of these ladies of the street have migrated to online platform where they are able to reach a wider client base as opposed to standing along the dark alleys of Kisumu City.

The Kisumu sex ladies on Exotic Kenya are hot and verified and will serve you lots of dignity. You don’t have to wait till night time to quench your erotic thirst. They are available any time of the day.

However, if you are still old school and apprehensive about booking a lady online, then here are some of the places you can check out hoes in Kisumu:

  • Beer Belt. It is  located just outside the Kisumu main bus terminus, toward United Mall and Tuskys supermarket.
  • Nyalenda. You also have a high chance of procuring hookers services from the shanties around Nyalenda.
  • Dunga Beach. Most ladies visit this place in order to have a random or meet and fuck with strangers who normally throng the place for a meal of fish and and a bottle of Guinness.

Massage In Kenya

Get To Know Where One Can Get Massage Therapy Services In Kenya


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It does not matter how beautiful a massage parlour is, if the masseurs in there, are not experienced, then you definitely are in the wrong  place. It is not uncommon to spot terms such as massage services, massage parlour, masseurs, etc., in most urban centres in Kenya.

You can procure massage services in Kenya via a website(online), physical search(visiting urban streets) or through mounted or display adverts(adverts on boards or push notifications/popups respectively). To find book your massage online, you need to visit websites with information about massage services in Kenya.

Exotic Kenya, is a premier hookup directory that makes it easy for you to procure massage services in Kenya. Find massage girls, massage boys, massage escorts, etc., across the country on Exotic Kenya. Check out massage services in Nairobi, massage services in Mombasa, massage services in Kisumu, massage services in Nakuru, massage services in Eldoret, massage services in Thika, massage services in Malindi, massage services in Nanyuki, among other locations.

However, the disadvantage with street massage parlours, backstreet for that matter is that you will not be able to get some of the exceptional services these massage escorts on Exotic Kenya offer.  Exotic Kenya massage escorts are professional and experienced. Thus, they offer a wide range of massage services including nude massage, sex massage, happy ending massage, Nuru massage, porn massage, and much more. You can book incall or outcall massage services in Kenya at anytime of the day.









Sexy Photos

Sensual Photos In Kenya


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Pictures say it all and they are louder than words. Sample the best sensual photos of Kenyan girls and boys which will leave your mouth dripping with saliva. Find raunchy photos showing fat pussy(also known as Kinembe kubwa), thick dick(mboro kubwa), smooth skin, thick thighs, etc., all of which are very inviting.

These sexy photos of Kenyan girls and boys are retrieved from different ethnic blocks in Kenya. Check out sexy Kikuyus, sexy Luos, sexy Somalis, sexy Kisiis, sexy, Luhyas, sexy Kambas, sexy Masaais, sexy Turkanas, sexy Taitas, sexy Giriamas, sexy Arabs, sexy Indians, sexy Merus, sexy Boranas, sexy Kalenjins, sexy Tesos, among others.

Kenyan Girls-Boys Nudes & Pics

Find a wide array of nudes and pcs of Kenyan girls and boys. Experience the real thrill of mystical photos and pics from across Kenya.





Sex In Kenya

Sex In Kenya

As much as sex  is mostly considered free, it ceases to be so when one is deprived. You will pay for it in one way or another.  This is the reason we will guide you on to procure sex services, companions, how to benefit from freely available opportunities.

Ignore all the unnecessary fuss about the sex trade being illegal in Kenya, it can’t be so in a country where men pay dowry to in order to marry a woman of their choice. Isn’t sex satisfaction the primary desire of every man in a relationship?

So if you are in Kenya, horny and are wondering how you can procure sex services, then take a seat and follow keenly. So in Kenya, there are several ways through which you can get sex and one of them is through escort directories.

One such escort directory is Exotic Kenya. You can find a sexy call girl or call boy in Kenya if you want to procure sex. Perhaps it is also important to note that as much as you speak a different language, it is equally imperative to know a few erotic words. Terms such as kuma tamu or mboro tamu(which mean sweet pussy or dick) are commonly used here.

Meet enchanting girls and hunky call boys who are ready to help you quench your erotic thirst.





Travel Companions

Find A Travel Companion On Exotic Kenya

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Imagine travelling across Kenya without a loyal companion. Leave alone solitude, the deafening silence breeds lots of boredom and a dystopian ambience. A travel companion watches your back, helps you to maintain your schedule, helps to get rid of boredom, anxiety, etc.

To make your journeys more enjoyable in the company of a hot babe. Book your Madaraka Express, KQ,  Safarilink, Fly 540, Uber, Bolt, etc., and travel to your favourite destinations with your incredible travel companion. For trains, check out madaraka express online booking online so that you do not miss your seat.

To find an exceptional travel companion from Exotic Kenya, at affordable rates, filter through hundreds of profiles. Meet Nairobi travel companions, Kisumu travel companions, Mombasa travel companions, Nakuru travel companions, Eldoret travel companions.







Kenya LGBTQ Hookups

Only on Exotic KenyaOnly on Exotic Kenya

Kenyan Supreme Court Allows Association of LGBTQ Members

With the recent decriminalization of LGBTQ activities by the Supreme Court of Kenya, the freedom to associate and hook up has been granted. Members of the LGBTQ in Kenya can now hook up without condemnation or prosecution.

Find Your Gay/Lesbian Companions In Kenya Today

The first place to rush to when in search of your gay or lesbian hookup, is Exotic Kenya.  Find incall or outcall gay/lesbian partner online now from the comfort of your living room. Apart from hookup directories, there are also random gay hookups which happen in many locations across Kenya.

Kenya Gay/Lesbian Hookup Locations

Major gay/lesbian hookup locations in Kenya are in the urban areas where people are tolerant to the LGBTQ phenomenon. The leading locations are Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Malindi, Eldoret, among other major urban centers in Kenya. Take a seat and discover where you will easily spot your kudinyana mkundu and na kuingizana vidole partner.

Nairobi Gay/Lesbian Hookup Locations

Some of the spots around Nairobi popular with gay and lesbian people are Clubs.  Such Clubs include The Pavement, Gipsy Bar, Spiders Pub, Little Temple, Club LA, Twerkers Club, etc.

Mombasa Gay/Lesbians Hookup Joints

Most gay/lesbian hangout joints in Mombasa just as is the case with other locations, are clubs and pubs. Check out gay and lesbians at Club Hypnotica, Tembo Disco, Tamarind Dhow, among others.

Eldoret Gay-Lesbian Hangouts


If you are a member of LGBTQ and to find a place that is more welcoming, you perhaps need to discover gay club in Eldoret or gay bars in Eldoret. Your discovery will make your  gay cruise in Eldoret much fascinating.

Gay nightlife in Eldoret, happens mostly in clubs such as  Eclipse Lounge, Two C Club, Belasco Lounge, etc.




Kenya Porn XXX Videos

Find Stimulating Kenyan Porn XXX Videos


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Find sex videos from across Kenya. Check out kikuyu porn, Somali sex, Luo porn, Swahili porn, Kamba porn, Giriama porn, Kenyan Arab porn, Kenyan Indian porn, Kisii porn, Luhya porn, among others.

Explore porn phenomenon in Kenya. Sample porn from different locations in Kenya. Check out Nairobi porn, Kisumu porn, Eldoret porn, Mombasa porn,  Malindi porn, Nanyuki porn, Naivasha porn, Nakuru porn, Kakamega porn, Kisii porn, among other notable locations.

Hook Up With Porn Girls In Kenya

If you want to experience porn first hand, you can hook up with porn girls from various locations in Kenya. Actualize your fantasies with Nairobi porn girls, Eldoret porn girls, Kisumu porn girls, Nakuru porn girls, Mombasa porn girls, and many more.



Escorts In Kenya

Find Escorts In Kenya From The Comfort of Your Abode

The advent of the Internet in Kenya has made it easy to procure escort services. You do not need to pop in a club in order to meet a girl of the night. It equally is not necessary nowadays to visit dark and dingy alleys or smelly brothels to pick up a hooker.

Time for street hookup is on the wane.  The days of clumsy and dangerous street hookers has already gone by. You have more reasons to celebrate this sheer genius.  Your modern hooker is a calm, composed, smart, well-mannered, and gorgeous-looking individual. In addition, the hookup services are safe, top-notch, and affordable.

Thanks to this creative innovation, there now exists an easy and safe mode of procuring hookup services. It is as simple as it can be. All you need is a smart phone and internet bundles or Wi-Fi. Scroll and click to book an incall or outcall sex services. It does not matter your location, you will definitely get escort services wherever you are.

Online Hookups Site- Exotic Kenya

When it comes to hookups, Exotic Kenya is the premier escort directory in Kenya. It is like Jumia in Africa for e-commerce. Locally, if Exotic Kenya were a supermarket, it would be referred to as either Naivas Supermarket or Quickmart Supermarket.

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There is a wide array of sexy girls in Nairobi, its environs, and even beyond. You have a wide range of locations from which to choose. Check out Nairobi sexy girls, Mombasa call girls, Kisumu call girls, Eldoret call girls, etc.

These call girls in Kenya are young, sassy and intelligent-talk of beauty and the brain. Most of them are university students, college students or fresh graduates. You will meet Zetech University girls, Kenyatta University girls, Nairobi University girls, Mount Kenya University girls, Maseno  University girls, Moi University girls, NIBS girls, Daystar girls, USIU girls, KCA girls, Masinde Muliro University girls, Kibabii University girls, TUK girls, TUM girls, among other institutions of higher learning.

Find escorts from across Kenya such as escorts in Nairobi, escorts in Mombasa, escorts in Eldoret, escorts in Kisumu, escorts in Kisii, escorts in Malindi, escorts in Thika, escorts in Nanyuki, escorts in Nyeri, escorts in Naivasha, among other locations.

Escorts in Kenya are derived from different complexions and from different races as well as from different nationalities. Check out local escorts, Indian escorts, Arab escorts, Chinese escorts, Ethiopian escorts, Congolese escorts, Tanzanian escorts, Ugandan escorts, European escorts, and many more.


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Find an exquisite list of Kenya male escorts– particularly male escorts in Nairobi, male escorts in Mombasa, male escorts in Eldoret, male escort in Nakuru, male escorts in Kisumu, among other notable locations.

These best male escorts in Kenya offer top-class and affordable sensual services. Enjoy exceptional loyal companionship.







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