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Located in the northern part of the former Eastern Province, 285 kilometers north of Nairobi lies the irresistible Isiolo County.

The county borders seven other counties: Samburu to the east, Garissa to the east, Tana River to the southeast, Kitui and Meru to the southwest, Marsabit to the North West and Wajir to the northeast.

Covering an area of 25, 336.1 square kilometers, Isiolo County is huge and packs a significant number of people who reside here. About 190,000 people call Isiolo home.  The County is inhabited by the Turkana, Borana, Somali, and Meru communities, with the Boranas forming the largest portion of the population.

Isiolo town, a small cosmopolitan town, serves as the county headquarters. The town grew around the local military camps with much of the population having descended from former Somali soldiers who had fought in World War I as well as other Cushitic-speaking pastoral communities and the Ameru community. 

The Somalis, Boranas, and the Merus form the largest chunk of the residents. Although the town is comparatively small in size, it is significant for hosting travelers as they commute between the towns of Marsabit and Moyale. Isiolo residents are either Muslims or Christians, with the highest percentage of the population being of the Muslim faith.

Why Visit Isiolo

Isiolo town is irresistible and makes the best getaway location away from the city to travel with your travel companion. The county boasts rugged raw beauty like no other in Kenya. Due to its central location across Kenya, it acts as a natural landing point for locals and visitors alike. The town provides easy access to tourists visiting the Meru national park, Shaba, Samburu game reserves as well as Maasai Mara game reserve – all located in neighboring counties.

Isiolo Big 5

The major tourist attractions in the County are the Isiolo Big five made up of Grevy Zebra, Oryx, Somali Ostrich, Lion, and the reticulated Giraffe. The Isiolo Big Five are found in the Buffalo Springs Game Reserve bordering Samburu Game Reserve, Shaba Game Reserve, and Bisnadi Game Reserve near Meru Game Reserve and Lewa Conservancy. These game reserves are part of the tourist circuit that spans Masai Mara, Samburu-Isiolo, Lewa and Mt Kenya. They house; The Sarova Lodge, Simba Lodge, and Bisinadi Lodges.

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