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In Kenya hookers go by various English names in such as sex ladies, sex workers, ladies of the night, hoes, whores, hoes, rent men, gigolos, etc. In Swahili, they are normally referred to using several names like malaya, changudoa, danguro, wauza ngono, among other names. The Kenyan street lingo, has also coined names for them which include kuro(makuro plural form), danguch, or mapoko.

Differentiating Between An Ordinary Person From A Hooker

Unlike in the past, nowadays one cannot easily distinguish between an ordinary person walking in the street running their own errands and the street hooker who is looking for a customer to sell sexual services to. The modern hooker or sex worker dresses modestly or in a manner that she or he can easily pass for a company executive. This is not to say that some hookers don’t have daytime jobs. In fact, you will be surprised to find out that your quiet workmate offers sexual services on the sides to supplement her monthly income.

So just to be sure that person near you is a hoe, you need to check out several characteristics. First, they are not afraid of strangers. They are ready to mingle and interact with a stranger with ease. They are easily approachable and throw their caution to the wind. What they are looking for is a customer for their merchandise. Second, they stare at particular parts of the client to be. They will at what you are wearing just to be able to assess your financial worth. Their eyes will stare at your shoes, wrist watch, your coat or cape, etc.

Third, their carry a seductive stare. They ogle at you in a manner to arouse your feelings so that you can hit on them. They are fidgety. They lick their lips, touch themselves inappropriately on their groins, boobs, butts, etc. They may wiggle their waists, or do random bend overs. This is a strong, inviting gesture.

Four, they will offer to give or keep you company and when you agree they suggest it comes at a cost. They will ask something like, “If I give you company, how will I benefit?” In short they are covertly telling you that they are actually hawking their companionship in return for money.

Hookers Locations In Kenya

Hookers in Kenya are known for favouring certain spots or joints frequented by patrons. Most of these joints include areas near nightclubs, restaurants, banks, malls, game parks, fun parks, stadia, etc.

Hookers Joints In Nairobi City

Most joints associated with hookers in Nairobi City are located within the CBD, and its environs where there are plenty of nightclubs, residential apartments, shopping arcades & boutiques, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, casinos, brothels, just to name but a few. Among the famous locations are located along Kimathi Street, Koinange Street, Moi Avenue, Tom Mboya Street, Biashara Street, Waiyaki Way, and even in estates within the city or beyond.

Hookers Spots In Mombasa


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Mombasa is known to be a fun city where partying goes round every single day all year round. No wonder it is referred to as Mombasa Raha. Most local women are known to be laid back but somewhat candid. Majority being Muslim, they cover their faces with hijab and paint their palms and foot soles with hena usually written in Arabic.

So identify an ordinary coastal woman from a hooker, you need to study their gait. The non-hookers are reserved while hookers though covered in hijab, will definitely stare  and wink at their targets while doing some erotic gestures like stealthily shaking their endowed hinds.

They like wearing Deras without underpants so that the loose dress can magnify their shapely and wiggly asses and attract a potential client. You will easily spot these Mombasa hookers along the beach, in nightclubs/pubs, restaurants/hotels, bus termini, ferry termini, Mombasa city streets, and in other small towns within Mombasa county.

Kisumu Hookers Spots

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