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Prostitution in Nairobi

Prostitution in Nairobi CBD is very rampant. There are both outdoor prostitutes and indoor prostitutes around the capital city and other cities in Kenya. Though illegal, many hot Kenyan girls line up the streets at night to trade their wares. The prostitution hotspots are however shifting due to arrests by police and other forms of harassment. You will find prostitutes on River road especially in Kericho house, tea room and other hotspots within town. Koinange street and Sabina Joy still attract the old-fashioned guys, but most Nairobi hookers are usually in the clubs. K1 club is also very popular with outdoor escorts.

Due to changing trends in prostitution in Nairobi, a growing class of middle-class escorts is coming up. Alternatively referred to as indoor prostitutes, these escorts do not go out looking for clients. Clients find them. They are either beauticians working in leading massage parlours in Nairobi or working-class women who want to make an extra buck. You will find them in Ngara massage parlours, Nairobi CBD parlours, Executive barber shops within Nairobi, Kilimani and Yaya spas, Hurlingham spas and city estates. They offer a wide range of escort services from tours to companionship to massage to sex to xxx videos. Some have even been hired to shoot porn videos.

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