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Escorts From Watamu

    Escorts from Watamu

    Watamu Escorts, Bang Escorts in Watamu and hot call girls on Exotic Kenya. All Watamu escorts are well trained to offer nothing but the most erotic services.

    Go Wild in Watamu and Bang Beautiful Hot Watamu Escorts 

    Watamu is a beautiful and blissful village on the Kenya Coast, nestled between pristine beaches and lush tropical forests. Watamu Women are hot – mwoto wa kuotea mbali – and a sight to behold. Find beautiful and sexy escorts in Watamu on Exotic Kenya.

    Watamu Escorts and Call Girls on Exotic Kenya

    Pristine beaches, lush tropical forest, vibrant nightlife, peaceful and sweet is what you can describe Watamu, a picturesque village on the Kenya Coast.

    Whether it’s a family holiday, a romantic getaway or a wild coastal adventure, you’ll never forget the Wonders of Watamu.

    Life here can get fast, slow, nostalgic, romantic whatever you decide Watamu got you.

    Why Go to Watamu

    First things first, it takes two to tango so get a travel companion, local guider and even an escort to get you started on sampling and experiencing the wonders of Watamu.

    Exotic Kenya has a plethora of beautiful escorts in Watamu, of all sizes and tastes. Some of these Escorts are a sight to behold before you have even had a taste of their sweet drippin wet honey pots. They will make you go gaga by their looks, body, sexual appetite and art of lovemaking. Like Coastarians love to say, Ndoo Ushafika.

    Wonders of Watamu

    Watamu is the place you go when you want to let your hair down and forget about everything. This place is packed with beautiful sights and sounds that will mesmerize you to no ends.

    Women here go wild riding the wind with abandon. Tribe Watersports is one such place frequented by locals and watu wa bara and foreigners to learn and enjoy Kitesurfing. Over weekends groups of women come from as far as Nairobi come down to Watamu to enjoy this wonder of Watamu.

    If you don’t want to wet your feet and would rather stay inland Watamu got you too. There is a small golf course of nine holes in Watamu you can while your time away.

    Fishing is another great sport you and your escort can lose yourself in while in Watamu. Kenya has one of the best coasts to fish off in all of Africa. It is a perfect place for young men and brave women to get all hands on deck. There is a vast amount of billed fish with many records already being created from some huge marlin and sailfish being caught.

    Similarly, stretching inland from the sea into Arabuko Sokoke Forest is one of Watamu’s true hidden treasures: Mida Creek, a broadwater tidal creek surrounded by extensive mangroves and lined with palms.

    Mida is best explored by boat, on a cruise through the creek at sunset for a sundowner drink, as the setting sun turns the waters to gold and flocks of roosting birds fill the sky.

    Watamu Nightlife

    Watamu boasts one of the most vibrant nightlife in Kenya and a visit to Watamu is never complete until you hit the nightclubs that dot this peaceful village that comes alive at night. You can party hard in the night at a beach party or in a club and then relax during the day at Garoda Resort.

    Turtle Bay Beach Club, located 6 km from Watamu National Marine Park is also a great spot to chill and have fun.

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