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VIP escorts and call girls in Kilimani and Yaya Centre

If you are looking for high-class escorts in Nairobi, you should check out Kilimani escorts, call girls and massage girls. In Kilimani estate, prostitution is an alien word left for the city’s red light district and other cheaper pubs in town. Here, hot Kenyan girls do not peddle sex on the streets or in noisy pubs. Their clients know them and call them whenever they need their services. You may be asking what is so special with Kilimani escorts?

Well, Kilimani escorts are not the regular Nairobi hookers. They do not promise kuma tamu like all other Nairobi raha call girls, but they do promise an experience like no other. These are educated and working women who have an open mind and are bold enough to meet new friends. They will give you a head orgasm by engaging your mind before they can take care of your sexual needs. You will get massage and extras at a clean apartment that they ably pay for.

It is no doubt that Kilimani is surrounded by affluence. There is Yaya, Woodley and Lavington, and State House in the neighbourhood, and this means that most of the clients are powerful and exotic. Yes, Kilimani escorts are used to earning in cheques and dollars. Want a taste of VIP escort service? See where governors and other VIPs go when they become thirsty. Meet Kilimani and Yaya centre escorts on Exotic Kenya.

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