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  added by  An... for  Joylit on 05 June 2018

She has a nice pussy

  added by  Ke... for  Joylit on 24 April 2018

Outstanding service with a very beautiful ass to pleasure you

  added by  Lu... for  Valentina on 12 April 2018

She is social and fun to hang aout with

  added by  Je... for  Nouf on 12 April 2018

She handles with a lot of care and is very accommodating. Highly recommended and I will be seeing her again…..soon!

  added by  Un... for  Amelina ( I do anal) on 31 March 2018


  added by  Je... for  Sweety on 27 March 2018

Care is taken to give a lasting experience. She takes good care…..and is well worth the reward. Thanks….

  added by  La... for  Katrina on 18 March 2018

You are hot

  added by  De... for  Lynn on 03 March 2018


  added by  De... for  Nelly on 03 March 2018

I liked your butt,nice boobs,perfect body

  added by  Yo... for  rukia mtamu on 05 February 2018

Had the ride of my life… twice. Good service

  added by  cb... for  Winnie on 05 February 2018

nice ass

  added by  Ib... for  Nouf on 05 January 2018

She definitely is good company.

  added by  aw... for  Cathreens on 05 January 2018

Perfect lady. I enjoyed time spent together.

  added by  Je... for  Hotzawadi on 05 January 2018

A real pleasure to be with and to share time with! Will be seeing her again…..

  added by  Ra... for  Priyanka on 05 January 2018

She’s sexy and a pleasure to be with

  added by  S.... for  Lynn on 31 December 2017

very nice lady.. wanna have you when i visit embu

  added by  Je... for  Kelly on 31 December 2017

She’s good company and gets down to it….enjoyed my time with her.

  added by  Br... for  Nata on 31 December 2017

You are the right type

  added by  Je... for  Kelly on 31 December 2017

Kind and considerate lady, a pleasure to be with.

  added by  Ka... for  Malia on 31 August 2017

Good Lady

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