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  added by  Ol... for  Melody on 13 March 2023

Good experience but with swindling mind. So old and difficult to bear in this business.. Against our agreement with her she extorted alot of cash via engines of blackmail. The admin should polish the hellbound she-bear from this business. I craved for mind-blowing encounters only for me to bump into a good for nothing extortionist par excellence with nothing appealing other than warped vagina and lucifer’s. I am badly terrified. Thank you.

  added by  Ab... for  Ayana ( Ethiopian) on 06 March 2023

She’s one rear gem, real girl, sweet, honest funny n amazingly beautiful n gorgeous in bed… Kisses, BJ n hottt sex, Doggy style with that gorgeous amazing Asssssss waahhh killed me off, she’s worth every penny…. Cannot wait to see you again n again n again darling ❤️🌹🥰

  added by  te... for  Daniella on 23 February 2023

She was very relaxed, composed, I love how she speaks very calm and soft spoken at some point I forgot she was an escort because she was so sweet , intelligent and kind with a beautiful smile.she took me around Nairobi and it was beautiful I had a time of my life.not to forget her figure ❤️❤️ and how elegant she carried herself in the public places we visited together I was very impressed.
Thank you for your time Ella until next time.

  added by  Al... for  Fiona I do anal and video sex on 30 December 2022

Had two amazing video calls so far. Fiona is a reliable and very sexy lady

  added by  In... for  Sweet and spicy Ladies only on 30 December 2022

I had the best time with sweet and spicy he is good in bed wild and a freak also did exactly as we had agreed he was there on time too made me feel alive and young again my pussy was well taken care of by you 😘😘😘😘 thank you for the service will plan and call you again soon stay safe I also liked the part where you said we test before doing raw your amazing 🤩🤩

  added by  Lo... for  Ciru video calls and nudes on 16 September 2022

Hakuna msichana mtamu Kama uyu.ukimtomba unaskia tu utamu ikitoka ngata wallahi

  added by  Me... for  Cashy ( Shemale) Sex video calls, sex videos and nudes on 16 September 2022

My Experience was Exemplary.She’s kind, very feminine beautiful and polite. Best sex ever and a definite must try.

  added by  Pu... for  Best Wood on 14 March 2022

What a wonderful night out with Ken! A respectful gentleman, he is so charming and well-dressed, fun and easy to talk to, I felt very comfortable and appreciated.
He is so passionate almost a machine. See you again boobae😜

  added by  Ye... for  nancy hun video calls and nudes on 28 January 2022

Sperkling ….nice ass

  added by  bo... for  Shammy( i do anal) on 28 January 2022

She is a good choice no rush good. kisses
not arrogant.
try her.
she is good

  added by  Iv... for  Daniella on 21 December 2021

My 2nd time with her I mean she is so hot she takes her time

  added by  Iv... for  Daniella on 21 December 2021

This lady can whine her waist,her services excellent, hygiene double double check,she takes her time and she knows what she is doing I don’t have any regrets definitely coming back girl

  added by  Mi... for  Nairobi's Prince on 21 December 2021

😍😍 Got just what I needed. Dude knows how to please a woman. Was kinda nervous at first but he calmed me down. The sex was so on point, loved his dick 🍆🍆

  added by  An... for  Shazz Tz video sex,anal on 22 October 2021

She’s very friendly and lovely,I enjoyed every moment with her,u won’t regret meeting her,her massage was also lit,I would recommend her to any guy🥰🥰🥰🥰

  added by  Sh... for  Best Wood on 22 October 2021

What a handsome guy I met over here, very clean, matured and attention to detail! You’re one in a million that I would want to fuck with again and again for sure! I really miss everything about you kwanza that fine mahogany wood with veins on 💋😘! Thank for your excellent services you gave me Mr. Ken

  added by  ph... for  Avani on 22 September 2021


  added by  El... for  PETER (LADIES ONLY) on 14 September 2021

Clean, attention to detail, fucks like a god, boy you are good and I want more of you. I will be a regular for sure. Thanks Peter for the excellent service you gave me 💗☺️💗☺️💗

  added by  To... for  PETER (LADIES ONLY) on 06 September 2021

Sex on point, gentles and attention to details. Respectfull and makes sure you are happy. Good job done❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  added by  Ro... for  Natacha on 31 August 2021

So romantic and so caring I really enjoyed having you hope to link up again en again thanks to Exotic kenya

  added by  mk... for  Ruby on 19 August 2021

Those mamas hot plus your wish is their command

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