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Thika escorts will help you cum faster

Thika escorts will help you cum faster

Thika escorts know that great sex ends with intense orgasms!

Wet dreams end with teenage, but sexual fantasies continue for a lifetime. It is every man’s dream to satisfy himself and his partner in bed, but what happens on a rainy day? We know that you can get it up, but getting an orgasm is an experience you don’t want to miss.

There is a level of satisfaction a man achieves when he makes a woman cum. Science has lied to all of us that women do not always orgasm during sex, but our Thika escorts can prove you wrong. If you have never seen a woman get there, this is your opportunity. It does not matter if you are a one-minute man. Getting the right woman will ensure that you sustain it for as long as it takes to get a lifetime sex experience.

An hour with Thika escorts is enough

If you have been masturbating, you need to stop now and look for an escort here. An hour with Thika escorts will satisfy all your bedroom fantasies.

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Here are tips to help you come faster:

  1. Focus on sexy thoughts; sex is more of a psychological activity than it is a physical one.
  2. Relax. Stress is the number one killer of sexual drive. Your mind needs to relax in order for blood to circulate to the nether parts, which in turn gives you better prowess in bed.
  3. Invest in foreplay. Foreplay helps get you in the mood, and as a form of erotic massage prepares you for intense action in bed.
  4. Workout. Men, just like women, need to invest a good amount of time in exercise. It not only increases your sexual appeal but also strengthens you for action between the sheets. The pubococcygeus muscles, which are strengthened by kegel exercise, are key in erotic pleasure. The stronger these muscles are, the better the orgasm.
  5. Get a blowjob. There is something about oral sex that resembles the taste of sugarcane. Most of the time, it is the man who feels the sweetness, not the one swallowing it.

However, if your problem is premature ejaculation, the story changes. In order to stay on par with the lady, you can try the following tricks to make her come faster:

  1. Keep your phone off. You don’t want to stop midway because of unnecessary disruptions.
  2. Switch off the lights especially if she is self-conscious. A lady needs to feel attractive in order to give great sex. If she is struggling with self-image problems, try complementing her and keep the lights off during sex.
  3. Use lube. Wet always translates into more intense orgasms. She is also likely to enjoy sex more and hence come faster. If she cannot get wet, encourage her o use a lubricant.
  4. Clit stimulation. If your pen*s is not hitting the G-Spot, use your hand or find a more suitable position that allows for clit stimulation.
  5. Go deeper but slower but don’ hurt her. If she asks you to change pace, adjust.

It is not a problem for a lady to come faster than the dude. If this happens, it is an opportunity to give her multiple orgasms.

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