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STI detection tips for escort clients

STI detection

STI detection tips for escort clients

Men are always picking women for sex in the bar and on the streets. Nowadays with the increased internet use, online escorts are receiving even more than 20 clients a week.  This number of sexual activity increases the HIV risk among the workers and their clients. In Kenya, the HIV prevalence rate among sex workers is over 30 per cent. STIs such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia and syphilis are also common among sex workers. These infections will rarely manifest signs and symptoms especially during the early stages, but STIs such as herpes, crabs, scabies and warts are easier to detect.

Men hire sex workers out of urgency, and most of the times they take the first opportunity they meet one to get some. This means there is no time to check their health status. For your safety and the safety of the people around you, it is good to always ensure that the sex worker has a clean bill of health.

The most obvious signs of STIs include ulcers, sores, thick white, green or yellow discharge, lumps, pimples and broken skin. You can spot these if you have a keen eye. You can ask the escort if they have done medical tests and whether they screen clients. If she is comfortable, just go ahead and do the screening. The best time to check them is before they visit the bathroom. Bathing or peeing can wash away pus or discharge.

Most escorts will feel uncomfortable with this procedure. If they agree to kissing, check for sores, bleeding gums, and cuts in the mouth. However, most escorts are very strict about kissing.

If they refuse to be checked, you can find creative ways of detecting STIs. You can begin sessions with foreplay, use not only your hands but also your eyes. If you are going to get down on her, let the eyes precede the tongue. When you can spot lesions, pimples, lice or scabs, go slow.

For male escorts, you can detect STIs easily from pre-cum. For women, it is tricky because women usually discharge different kinds of fluids as the month goes by. Pay attention to the smell coming from the genitals. You need to stop immediately you spot pus, milky or yellowish discharge or blood. Smelly discharge that is milky in colour from women is also not a good sign.

Try giving them massage from the feet or thighs up to the genitals. This will give you the opportunity to inspect the genitals. Your area of concern should be the penis, vagina, butt and mouth of the client for any visible signs so ensure you can see these parts without raising suspicion.

If you suspect that an escort has an STI, let them know politely. Some are open to visiting a health facility while others are not. Try to avoid physical touch with an escort if you suspect they are infected. It is polite to pay them half the money in case you do not proceed with the services you hired them for.

Finally, you can try online escort directories if you are concerned about your health. Browsing online is free and gives you the opportunity to discuss these health requirements with the escort before hiring them.

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