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How to get more and better sex from Thika escorts

How to get more and better sex from Thika escorts

Thika escorts understand the difference between having sex and having great sex. Most of the escorts know that men’s need number one is great sex, and are prepared to give you a great experience in bed. Most escorting services include sex, but this is a need you have to express in person.

Why sex with Thika escorts is better

If you have decided to hire a Thika escort, be assured that she will be different in bed for obvious reasons. Some of the reasons you can count on her include:

  • It is her business to offer quality service. An escort, just like any other business person, understands that quality counts in the customer retention process. She knows the only way to have a regular income is by giving quality service.
  • Thika escorts won’t judge you. So many men have been judged by their inability to sustain an erection, premature or even prolonged ejaculation. Many feel awful because of their smaller sizes. Well, if you want to enjoy great sex without being judged for your size or time, call our Thika escorts now.
  • No strings attached. You do not have to worry about pleasing this lady every day because your engagement is purely commercial. You can be yourself, and she has only a few minutes to impress you. With the limited time you have, be assured to get her full attention.

However, as a man there are things you need to do in order to enjoy hot sex with escorts. Here are some of the things you need to do in order to get more and better sex from Thika escorts:

  • Bring her gifts. Every woman loves gifts, and a simple gift to your chosen escort will go a long way in getting her in the mood. It shows her that you value her as a woman and that you are not just using her for sex.
  • Buy her a drink. No matter how broke you are, take the initiative to pay for her drink. Do not just meet for sex. A little chat over a drink will set the pace for a great session between the sheets.
  • Tell her what to wear. You may have favorite colors or styles that turn you on. Do not just sit there and wonder why she cannot wear something ‘presentable.’ Before you meet, tell her the kind of dressing you appreciate.
  • Do not bargain too hard. Remember that sex is not a quantifiable product. If she sets her price, do not bargain too hard. It will portray you as a cheap client, and this can turn off many escorts.
  • Leave tips. One way to show appreciation for her company and service is by leaving a tip.
  • Maintain hygiene. If you are from work, you can always ask her to take a shower with you.
  • Be a gentleman with her. Undressing will always remain your task if you are to enjoy your time with a lady; don’t leave it to her.
  • Grab her a cab in case she is traveling to see you. Do not ask her to take a matatu to come and see you outside Thika; pay for her cab.

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