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Fuck single mothers and single ladies in Kenya

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What you need to know before hooking up with Kenyan Single Mothers for sex

Most escorts in Kenya are single mothers. Some started as single ladies and became mothers in the process. Others started as single mum escorts to provide for their children. Most men hook up with single mums for sex because they believe they are cheap. Others believe single moms are always ready for sex, while others consider single mothers ideal candidates for FWB relationships. Here is what you need to know about Kenyan single mum sex workers, call girls and escorts:

  1. They love their children. A single mom who offers sex escort services to feed her child(ren) does so because of the love she has for her family. She wants her child(ren) to be well fed, clothed and educated.
  2. Kenyan single mums will not infect you with HIV and STIs. Some of their children are very young and even suckling. They do not want to return home with unwanted STIs and HIV as this can be easily passed down to their child. As a result, they prefer that you use condoms.
  3. Single mums who offer sex services are not cheap. A single mum needs more money than just any other Kenyan single sex worker. She wants money to take care of herself and her child. Yes, she may offer cheap sex services but sex with single mothers in Kenya is not always cheap.
  4. She likes to meet few quality clients. A single mother cannot afford to be lazy. She must attend to her child afterwards. As a result, she only prefers to offer sex and escort services to only a few serious and quality clients.
  5. Single mothers for sex in Kenya are open to friends with benefits relationships. You see, it is easier to have one regular guy who wants sex to take care of her and her baby than sleep with multiple men every day to support her child.
  6. Single mothers of Kenya working as escorts are not available 24/7. She may be away with her child every evening or over the weekend. Therefore, to meet her for sex you need to be available during the day.

However, a single mother working as a sex worker will not go announcing herself. It is hard for you to spot her unless she tells you.

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Regardless of whether she is a mother or not, here is how to get the best out a Kenyan single Lady escort:

  1. Do not waste her time asking for free nudes and videos.
  2. Unless you are paying for sex chats and video sex, do not waste your time.
  3. She is working independently and has the freedom to choose her clients. If her price is too high, negotiate without insulting her.
  4. She is a human being with her own rights. Do not harass or mistreat her because she is a call girl, escort, prostitute or hooker.
  5. When she comes to your place and you change your mind, it is kind to reimburse her fare.
  6. Do not ask for free sex from Kenyan single mothers and single ladies who work as call girls.
  7. Agree on services and price of sex or other escort services before meeting, and do not force her to do things she did not agree to do.
  8. Pay her after service. Do not leave without paying her. If you are not satisfied, write a review to warn other clients or get in touch with the admin.
  9. Not all escorts offer sex. Sometimes an escort may list only massage services online. Do not force her to have sex with you.
  10. Use protection. Escorts serve many clients. Imagine what would happen if every client came asking for live sex with Kenyan single ladies without checking their HIV status. Besides HIV, there are other dangerous STIs you need to protect yourself and the sex worker from.
  11. Not every Kenyan escort offers anal sex. When you book a call girl from Exotic Kenya website, ensure that you state your expectations. Oral sex without condom, threesomes and anal sex require some level of expertise. Not every escort can offer these.

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