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Exotic Kenya Frequently Asked Questions

Exotic Kenya Frequently Asked Questions

Exotic Kenya is a premier escort directory that lists individuals offering escort services in Kenya. The demand for escorts services is becoming more and more high. Perhaps you are somewhere in Kenya and have been wondering how you can join and dispense your services.

Do not worry at all because we are going to give answers to all or any of your pertinent questions.  Find below answers to the FAQs about joining Exotic Kenya.

What age do I need to be in order to join Exotic Kenya?

One must have attained the age of majority as stipulated in the Kenyan constitution, which 18 years.

What if indeed I have biologically attained it but do not have papers to show it?

Unfortunately, this is a direct disqualification since age can only be proven through documents. You must have an original Identification Card. Your birth certificate showing the date of birth cannot be used to prove validity of having attained the age of majority.

What if I live and operate in Kenya but am a citizen of another country, am I still allowed to join Exotic Kenya?

Yes, so long as  you have valid permit to carry out any type of work in Kenya. Before joining, you must avail a  documented permit issued by the Immigration Department of Kenya. You must also prove that indeed you have attained the age of majority as required by the Kenyan authorities.

Must I be experienced in escort services before joining Exotic Kenya?

As you know, there is always a starting point for any kind of experience and expertise. Exotic Kenya carries out a non-discriminatory inclusion of all those who want to join it.  What an individual requires are interpersonal skills because escort services are a type of leisure services which demand a customer oriented person.

What privacy measures has Exotic Kenya put in place?

Exotic Kenya has put in place measures which ensure that utmost privacy is maintained. Exotic Kenya admin is always at the escorts disposal to guide them in matters personal and Internet privacy. Exotic Kenya will make sure that you remain as discreet as you want to be.

Is there sexual orientation discrimination?

Exotic Kenya does not discriminate against any sexual orientation. As you may be aware, the Kenyan Supreme Court passed into law the freedom of association of members LBGTQ. So if you want to dispense your escort services to the members of this group, you are welcome.

Is Exotic Kenya a pimping agency?

Not at all. Pimping is illegal in Kenya as it is classified as prostitution by the Kenyan constitution. Exotic Kenya is only an online directory that lists adult individuals of sound mind who offer escort services. Whatever an individual engages in is not the business of Exotic Kenya.

Is it a must for the interested individual to have a car before joining Exotic Kenya?

It is not a must at all.  There are so many means of mobility in Kenya. It depends on the client’s urgency and location. You can opt for Uber, PSVs, motor cycle, airplane, boat, or train.

Does Exotic Kenya set prices for escort services?

The price to be charged for every  escort service is at the discretion of the individual escort, of course with the agreement of the client looking for such services. The only discretion that Exotic Kenya has is about the prices each individual escort pays to be on the escort directory.






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