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Escorts From Kwa Njenga Embakasi South

    Escorts from Kwa Njenga Embakasi South

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    Escorts in Kwa Njenga Embakasi South

    Dirt cheap sex, cheap local brews, and cheap food are what Mukuru kwa Njenga is known for.  Come to this informal settlement in Embakasi South if you want to fuck for a penny and still have some change.

    Mukuru, which means a valley in the Kikuyu language, traces its history to a quarry site. It was named after one Njenga Kariuki who settled in the area after coming to the city for the first time from Limuru. A few months into his back-breaking job at the quarry, Njenga decided to supplement his income by farming some crops on the unoccupied land next to the quarries.

    He later opened a bar and butchery – Njenga Manyanga Bar and Njenga Manyanga Butchery – both of which are still in existence, and the place became a favourite for the many quarry workers. Whenever they weren’t working, they would hang out at Kwa Njenga as the business premises were called and the name stuck.

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    When the miners exhausted and abandoned the four quarries, only deep valleys were left behind hence the name Mukuru Kwa Njenga.

    Those quarry workers were the first residents of this informal settlement and today bars compete with churches, operating way into the dead of the night. It is also home to girls with tight pussy.

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    Apart from the popular Njenga Manyanga Bar, this is another drinking spot in Mukuru where you can not only grab a drink but also hook up with the many local hookers you will find hanging out here. 

    Pams Makuti Bar & Restaurant found along Catherine Ndereba Road is equally a nice hunting ground where once you buy roasted meat and cold tusker to local girls here you stand a real chance of fucking them. To be sure of fucking hot escorts in Mukuru Kwa Njenga, head to Exotic Kenya and find readily available hot girls yearning to give you a sure bet taste of their wet pussies.

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    Mukuru Kwa Njenga escorts know what living in a valley means. They have worked on themselves to get rid of the dirty and cheap sex usually attributed to slums. They serve wet and tight pussies only to those who deserve it. Find them on Exotic Kenya.

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