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Meet hot Kenyan girls and exotic escorts in Karura, Runda, Muthaiga & Gigiri, Nairobi

Go on an adventure of a lifetime in Karura today. Hook up with hot escorts Kikuyu call girls in Muthaiga, Runda, Gigiri, Thika Road, and Kiambu road on Exotic Kenya.

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Escorts from Karura

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Karura escorts & call girls: Hookup in Runda|Call Girls in Muthaiga Thika Road|Kiambu road massage|Escorts near Karura Forest

Green, cool, and prime are just some of the words you can use to describe Karura ward. So prime is Karura that every international organisation wants to set base here from UNEP, World Food Program, United States Embassy to the Canadian Embassy.

Some of the coolest and most exclusive neigbourhoods in Nairobi are also located here such as Muthaiga.

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Just like light attracts moths, power also attracts pussies and not just any pussy but fucking beautiful, classy, expensive, and best pussies money can buy. If you want to hang out with the big league then come to Karura.

Escorts in Runda

Runda is one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Nairobi. Government officials, diplomatic community, loaded businessmen and women and celebrities worth their salt reside here. As such power attracts women and not just any women but sexy-looking women who know what they want. Welcome to the big boys league and get a chance to sample fine fine escorts in Runda on Exotic Kenya.

Run Wild and Bang Hot Escorts in Runda

Runda or Runda Estate is one of Nairobi’s richest suburbs. The name RUNDA was coined from an abbreviation to mean “Reserved United Nations Development Area”. Reserve your place in Kenyan history by hooking up with hot escorts in Runda, who will give you a taste of Kenya’s wild side on Exotic Kenya.

It’s one of the best neighborhoods in Kenya and doubles up as among the richest suburbs in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. It’s no wonder Runda is home to most of the Kenyan politicians and top government officials. Some of the diplomatic and ambassadorial residences are also found here. Runda estate is characterized by palatial homes with well-manicured lawns. Footpaths are all paved with tarmac or car brawl.

Many of the main streets to the north of the Karura Forest are tree-lined with well-kempt sidewalks, while the more rural roads are quiet and scenic, featuring some impressive homes, gardens, and coffee fields. You can always be sure to bump into residents trotting their dogs down footpaths for an evening walk or see some Jungus (white people)  enjoying an evening road run.

Runda Estate enjoys a cool and countryside microclimate thanks to the proximity of Karura forest in Nairobi. This microclimate supports the large coffee plantations that neighbor Runda Estate to the north.

Places to socialize and shop in Runda

The majority of people who reside in Runda are homeowners save for the expatriates and diplomats who rent houses here by virtue of their close proximity to their places of work.  Residing here doesn’t come cheap and you have to fork out between  Ksh200,000 and  Ksh400,000 ($2000 – $4000)  per month depending on house size and location.

As such, sex is also not cheap here. Runda Escorts are sophisticated and have a taste of the finer things of life. They know what they want and you have to bring your ‘A’ game to bed one. You can hook up with these ‘spoiled’ escorts yearning to give you a taste of the wild side of Kenya on Exotic Kenya.

You can also check out some of the places residents of Runda like to frequent.

The Village Market, located along Limuru Road in Nairobi is a popular shopping destination for Runda residents. The Village Market encompasses all kinds of shops from clothes shops to supermarkets and even banks. There are also a few minimarkets in the neighborhood for those random, fast, and impromptu shopping sprees in Runda.

Runda Estate is served by the UNEP police post and the Gigiri Police station in Nairobi. The Aga Khan Hospital and the Gertrude’s Children Hospital in Muthaiga are the hospitals that serve the Runda estate residents.

Escorts near Jubilee house, Thika road

Thika road is the main gateway to Karura Forest, which gives Karura ward its name. As you cruise along this mega highway, one landmark you will not miss is Jubilee house, a uniquely cool skyscraper.

Escorts love to hang out around this area due to its busy nature especially the constant visits by politicians. As matatus dash to and fro along the Thika superhighway, they will stop all traffic just for you and take you on an orgasmic journey. 

Muthaiga escorts

Muthaiga is not considered Nairobi’s Beverly Hills for no good reason. Apart from posh houses, sprawling mansions, gated communities, and shopping malls, a bevy of hot escorts also operate in Muthaiga.

These escorts aren’t your typical escorts though. They are well polished, have expensive tastes, and love to eat life with a big spoon. If you are man enough and have deep pockets then you can bed them until you drop. Head to Exotic Kenya and try your luck today.

Kiambu road escorts & call girls

Starting from Muthaiga and stretching all the way to Limuru town, Kiambu road is packed with businesses, bars, brothels, and escorts. The best places to find cute Kikuyu escorts here include L8 Lounge & Grill where you can jam to lively Kikuyu songs and mingle with the who’s who in Kiambu road’s posh estates.

Due to its proximity to Nairobi but still sheltered from the harsh realities of the city, some of the richest individuals not only reside here but also blow their cash and party till dawn.

Konteina Bar & Restaurant, which offers a great outdoor experience and Nyama Choma is another spot to hook up with Kikuyu escorts. These escorts aren’t shy and will offer you great company on top of their dripping wet pussies. 

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