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Escorts from Kariobangi Noth

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Escorts in Kariobangi North Nairobi

‘Life goes on Corona or no corona’ that is the undefeatable spirit of Kariobangi, a low-income residential estate in Embakasi North constituency. 

 This defiant spirit was visible during Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the government.  Despite an order not to open entertainment joints, bars in Kariobangi simply flung its doors open and allowed revelers to party until dawn. Tourist Bar, popular with hot hookers from Kariobangi was one of the notorious bars that gave the government the middle finger and remained open like business as usual. Several bars around Kariobangi’s Kanyama stage also remained open like a hooker’s on heat legs.

You can’t go on sexcapande without your partner in crime will you? Kariobangi too has its evil twin and the area is split into two parts, Kariobangi North and Kariobangi South. Kariobangi is the first born and was constructed first. It consists of both apartments and shanties all living side by side in harmony.

Escorts at Kariobangi roundabout

When you get to this Dandora-Kariobangi roundabout which has several bus stages for matatus heading to the CBD, Thika Road, Doonholm, Kariobangi, Huruma, and Dandora, the first sight that you will see is smartly dressed men and women urinating in public. Don’t worry if you are pressed you can join them. Welcome to Kariobangi where people are carefree. 

What’s more, you will also meet escorts hoping to land a client here answering calls of nature.

Hookers in Korogocho open air market

This is where you go and shop for hookers at throwaway prices. So affordable are they that they sometimes retail at the same price as fresh produce and second-hand clothes sold here.

If you don’t walk too far for your shopping, Civil Servants estate is found a stone throw away from the market and call girls also come here to make it even easier to fuck them. 

Juja road-outering roundabout call girls

This is the landmark of all hot call girls in Kariobangi. Whether you want a jam-free ride to and fro the airport or simply on your way to Thika road, Juja road-outering roundabout will quickly become your favourite because of all the hot girls who hang around this busy roundabout.

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