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Business skills you can learn from Exotic escorts

Business skills you can learn from an escort

What it takes to succeed as a commercial sex worker

You may imagine that an escort is a lady who spends all her day or night in Sabina Joy, K1 club, Florida former Simmers, Koinange street, Majengo or any other backstreet club. But you are mistaken. Some are lawyers, writers, nurses, and business owners. They are not idlers waiting for easy money; they work hard for every single coin that goes into their pockets.

Commercial sex work is a business like any other. Some escorts work alone as independents while others prefer working as couples, porn stars or with agencies. Getting the first client and keeping existing ones requires tact and strategy. Here are some of the skills that escorts have to master in order to succeed:

#1 Exotic Escorts skills: Interpersonal skills

This is the basic skill an escort needs in order to succeed in this business. Actually, most high-end escorts are only paid for company; they rarely offer extras. As much as men want to have sex, they also someone to talk to after a gruelling day at work. To start a conversation and keep it rolling for hours requires a level of expertise.

#2 Exotic Escorts skills: Negotiation skills

Though most of the clients indicate their prices beforehand, clients will always want to negotiate it downwards. To earn the amount of money they desire, an escort has to prove to the client that the amount they are asking for is fair. The most skilled negotiators even earn free money from distant admirers or clients who leave them tips.

#3 Exotic Escorts skills: Time management

To a professional escort, time equals money. Whether you want a simple discussion, an erotic massage or happy ending, you have to agree on the time against pay. If you mess around with an escort’s time, you will end up being blacklisted by all escorts – they always share experiences.

#4 Exotic Escorts skills: Creative customer solutions

Whether it is an erection or conversation, the creative escort will know how to make it last. Due to experience, they have learnt innovative ways to satisfy their clients. Conversations will be rich and when it comes to sex, they will take you to the stars. Every escort is unique and this is why you need to keep checking out newly listed profiles.

#5 Exotic Escorts skills: Good grooming

To be able to attract a client, an escort has to be well groomed. They not only take a good shower but will also wear fragrant perfumes and sexy clothes. They know that appearance matters.

#6 Exotic Escorts skills: HIV management

Statistics indicate that the average prostitute gets 3 clients every day. This increases their chances of contracting HIV, which is why even the government gives them free condoms. Prostitution is a high-risk business especially when it comes to HIV transmission, and escorts understand this.  They do not take chances and will do everything in their power to remain negative. Respectful clients also take precaution not to expose them to unnecessary risk.

#7 Exotic Escorts skills: Marketing and advertisement skills

Escorts work hard in order to make themselves visible. They have to advertise their services in order to win a client. They have to list their profiles on directories such as Exotic Kenya to have their ads placed on various platforms.

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