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4 Things you should know about Escorts in Kenya

Escorts are completely different than prostitutes in so many ways. Escort services take new hires through a rigorous recruitment process, only listing attractive, warm women without visible drug problems. Men who visit escort directories tend to be far more discerning than your typical Tom, and are looking for actual escorting services such as dinner and drinks, in addition to sexual services.

Paid sexual services have gained prevalence in the 21st Century due to the hectic office life that people live today. The average employee spends most of their day in the office, leaving them no time to socialize. As a result, more men are paying for sex and dates. Though you might have a hard time getting one in five of your friends to admit that they’ve hired an escort, the sheer volume of sex services advertised on the internet says otherwise. With that in mind, here are four things you may not have known about escorts:

1- Escorts are rated on the internet
In this age of blogging, everybody has become an expert in some field, an analyst, and an opinion leader. In addition, clients often return to rate an escort based on how she conducted herself during a meetup.

On sites like, customers offer ratings regarding the services of a particular escort and agencies as a public reference for others to browse. Of course, we cannot rule out the danger of online agencies or fellow escorts planting positive comments to falsely tout themselves. On the flip side, customers have been known to blackmail escorts with the threat of leaving bad ratings unless extra sexual services were offered.

2- Escorts go on tour
It may not invoke the type of glamour seen during a Led Zeppelin world tour, but in Africa and Europe, the practice of “City Tours” for escorts has become a more prevalent phenomenon. In essence, escorts leave home to increase their income streams. It is possible to meet a Kenyan escort in Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, or Tanzania.

Clients from other continents also request escorts to go to their home countries.

3- Escorts can make a lot of money
Well, at least some escorts are able to. In North America, escorts have been known to make $150 – $400 per hour, depending on services offered. Escorts with particular sets of skills, abilities, and great beauty can charge in excess of that. Finally, very high-class escorts, especially those catering to VIPs, can pull in around $1,000 per hour.

At the top of the pyramid, there is a very small group of elite escorts who service multimillionaires, celebrities, and pro athletes and their fees can make the finest corporate lawyers in the world green with envy. In 2007, New York magazine stated that one particularly well-regarded New York-based escort was making in excess of $2,000 per hour during her heyday. There are reports of some select escorts making even more than that.

4- Different countries have different terms
The legality and status of escort services vary from country o country. In Kenya street prostitution is illegal but there is no rule regarding online escort directories. That’s why you need to read the site’s terms of service and abide by them.

Examples of escort websites include, which indicates that a client can receive a “girlfriend experience” or GFE. GFE features a “warm” escort who will engage in girlfriend stuff such as open-mouthed kissing and cuddling.

Many governments have tried to impose harsh penalties on prostitutes in order to make prostitution illegal; however, just like gambling and drugs, such efforts have consistently failed due to continuous demand. Many modern men have trouble initiating a relationship, no time for a relationship or simply enjoy the sexual variety, and escorts have provided an outlet for such desires with a safer, cleaner and more attractive reputation than street prostitutes.

Men will always look out for better sex even if it means paying for it. The rise of escort websites has made these sexual fantasies a reality. These sites also provide variety, and an opportunity to discreetly preview escorts.


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